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Geng Les Kicap / 3 chinese gals and Park Cheek Mike - Korea 23 - 28 April 2005. Posted by Hello

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A few scenes from the Korean Movie "The Guy Was Gorgeous, He Was Cool" Posted by Hello
Lama jugak aku tak menulih.. when Zeti was here, I bought a Korean movie called The Guy Was Gorgeous, He Was Cool.. mak aii.. citer dia memang kelakar gilaa. This movie is based on an internet novel titled The Guy Was Muhshesuh by Lee Yun-Sae. Eventhough, the movie did not follow the exact storyline in the novel, with a few embellishment, but the originality of the novel is still preserve. I’m not really into sappy Korean drama, I find them to be too slow, too sappy with a few exception like, my love patzzy and a few more. So, when I noticed that that the guy that played Eunsung is none other than Song Seung Heon, the lead actor for Autum in My Heart, I was a bit skeptical but still I bought it since it was quite cheap, less than RM10. hehehe, anyway, I find the story ‘very da funny’ and amazingly, SSH managed to capture the essence of Eunsung. And Jung Da Bin (the Attic Cat) is funny also. Overall, the movie was worth watching and I have read the novel, and it was an interesting story (if you like those teenage stories). Here is the synopsis of The Guy Was Muhshesuh :-

Eun-sung (Song Seung Hoon - Autumn In My Heart) is the coolest cat in the neighbourhood, not a man (strike that - boy!) to be taken lightly. He’s an excellent fighter, which has quickly earned him a notorious status. All the guys fear him, and all the girls wanna date him. Either way, the room goes quiet when his name is mentioned.After beating up yet another bunch of guys, who threatened some girls, Eun-sung (Song Seung Hoon) posts a warning on the Doil Girls School website. The good spirited Ye-won (Jung Da Bin) sees this warning, and because she doesn’t know the reason behind it, she decides to send a rude reply. A big mistake! Suddenly she’s marked for death (well, sort of)

Eun-sung manages to get a hold on her phone number, and begins to harass her. When they happen to be at the same hairdresser as he calls her again, he suddenly also knows what she looks like!!

Then Ye-won and her girlfriend Kyung-won ditch school one day, and find Eun-sung waiting for them. Ye-won stumbles, and falls right on top of Eun-sung and inadvertently plants a big kiss on his mouth!
Ka-boom! The earth shakes and the screen cracks! Literally!The stunned Eun-sung informs her that now they’ll have to be married, because he usually doesn’t let anyone touch him - he doesn’t even hold hands - so that simple kiss seals her fate. He leaves his number on her cellphone, and orders her to call him later. Thus begins a beautiful and perverted relationship….

Ye-won is torn between thinking Eun-sung is a rude obnoxious bully, and getting all mushy when he looks at her. Eun-sung on the other hand always keeps Ye-won at a distance, making sure she doesn’t think too much of herself - he even dubs her Miss Ass - but somehow he’s always there for her when she needs him the most. And most importantly: you couldn’t get any one of them to admit - even at gunpoint - that they are actually dating.

The strange relationship does not go unnoticed at the school. Eun-sung’s ex-girlfriend and his groupies begin to wonder. Who is this little girl who has suddenly landed the coolest guy in school? Who the hell does she think she is? They say opposite attract, but there’s gotta be a limit. This may be it.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Letih mak cik hari ni.. Last night I watched House Of Fury kat Mid Valley. Biasakla tengok boyfriend aku (Daniel Wu) berlakon kan.. hehehe.. I think all around us were chinese except the two us la.. (me and my sis) pompuan dan melayu yg come. Lantakla, yg penting best.

Pagi, bangun saja call si Nik Nomi, ambik dia around 12 pm, jumpak la si Tabby Gumuk tu.. eii geram la aku mamat gumuk sekor ni.. nasik pun tanak makan sebab nak ikut, maklumla semalam mama dia tak balik umah. Tak leh tido ler tu pas tu ke rumah mak cik tu kat Saujana Impian, Kajang. Basuh ler rumah mak cik tu dari pukui 1 sampai ler pukui 4 lebih. Pas tu pi Kajang beli sate kat Haji Samuri and sesat-sesat la jugak cari area Taman Desa tu. Nasib baik la mak cik tu ada ngan aku, kalau tak tak sampai dah la umah si mamat tu.

Arrive at Shah’s house around 6 something, janji melayu (suppose to be there around 5.30 pm), Sue dah sampai dulu tapi silap condo, ntah mana punya condo la dia lepak, baru saja kuaq dari keta dah nampak si shah, lama gila aku tak jumpak dia since diploma la. Still lagi slim, hahaha, dia keja kat epic-I sama ngan Kak Ma jugak. Sempat la borak kejap pas tu si Sue, Hubby n Dinie sampai, Si Zack dah sampai awal lagi. Baru jer nak naik si As ngan adik dia sampai.. sempat ler aku suruh si Shah tu kenen adik As.. cute. Hahahaha.

Naik ke rumah si Shah tu, mak aii.. lagi tinggi dari aku, he stays at 21 floor, cantik rumah dia.. nanti aku suruh dia postkan gambar kat aku. So yang datang tadi, Sue, hubby n anak, As n her sis, Zakri, wife (Murni) and kids, Din Kru and wife, Zahari and brother in law and me and Nomi. Banyak gila beb benda makan.. nasib baik gak aku beli banyak sate tadi.. cukup2 jer diorang ni makan. Mula-mula tu macam malu-malu saja tapi lepas tu mula la si Zack buat lawak. Funny, I never knew that he’s a funny guy, most probably because we’re not close back then, dia pulak president DIA, cam serious jer. Come to think of it, me and the rest of DIA’s were not very close, most probably because I was too bz with my life as a commander and got my own clique.

Anyway, walaupun tak ramai yang datang tapi kira successful la. I hope next time we can do it again.
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