Friday, December 31, 2004

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year, 2005. I wonder what lies ahead of me?? Will it be exciting?? Sad?? Full of adventure?? Will it be full of laughter and joy?? Or will it be just another boring year?? Well, I can only wish and hope that it will be an exciting and full of happiness

January, I’ll be going to Sarawak, February, I’ll be going to Taman Negara, Pahang with Jaja. Bestnyerr!! Dah lama dah aku nak ke sana tapi tak berkesempatan. November, I’ll be going to Korea. Yahoo!! Mintak2la dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki untuk aku buat semua nih. Macam banayak duit jer aku nih nak berjalan sakan.

What about new year resolutions?? What do you guys hope to achieved in 2005? For me, I hope to settle all debts, to slim down a bit (malasnyer nak ke gym), to go on vacation, to sleep better at night (hahahaha…), I do hope that I can find myself a nice little apartment. What else?? Oh ya.. to spend more time with my family. Kahwin?? Kalau ada jodoh kawin la, kalau tak, nak kawin ngan sapa?? Bart Simpson??

When I first started working, I made a list of things that I wanted to do/to buy/to have while I still have my breath. It’s not fancy things or extraordinary but something that I would like to do. I’ll list it down here things that I would like to do.

1. Learn Mandarin
2. Learn Photography
3. Overseas Vacation
4. My own business
5. Buy a house/apartment
6. Learn to play musical instrument (Piano/Guitar)
7. Tag heuer watch
8. SLR Camera
9. Change my car (kalau ikutkan hati tu nak pakai CLK200 – besar selera tapi kalau dapat Honda Jazz pun

At the moment, those are the things that I wanted to do or to have. What about you?? Tomorrow, I’m off to Malacca.


Tsunamis kill thousands

The world's most powerful earthquake in more than 40 years struck deep under the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Sumatra, triggering massive tsunamis that obliterated villages and seaside resorts in more than 10 countries.Tourists, fishermen, homes and cars were swept away by walls of water that rolled across the Bay of Bengal, unleashed by the 9-magnitude quake

The death toll from Sunday's tsunamis has jumped to more than 118,000 after Indonesia reported nearly 80,000 people were killed in that country alone. Estimates of the death toll are continuing to rise in most areas. Sri Lanka reports more than 24,000 dead, and at least 10,000 were killed in India. In Thailand, more than 4,000 are feared dead and dozens of deaths are reported in Malaysia, Myanmar, Maldives, Somalia and Tanzania.

Many who did survive are struggling to stay alive, and the World Health Organization estimates that five million people are without basic needs. Emergency workers reported that in some parts of Aceh, Indonesia -- the region closest to the epicenter of the earthquake that spawned the killer tsunamis -- as many as one in every four citizens was dead.

Scenes of destruction were repeated across the region, as were the scenes of grief with residents and holidaymakers searching in vain for loved ones. The events began just before 7 a.m. (midnight GMT Saturday) when a massive earthquake -- at magnitude 9.0, the strongest in the world since 1964 -- struck just 160 kilometers (100 miles) off Aceh's coast.

Indonesian-based British conservationist Mike Griffiths flew over the area and said it was "like a nuclear blast has leveled the area." Between Meulaboh and Chalang, about 60 miles north, no villages are left, he said. Calong, a town of 13,000, has "vaporized," he said. "You couldn't even recognize there'd been a town there unless you'd flown over it before."

Dino Patti Djalal, spokesman for Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, said the Indonesian military's 30,000-strong force in the province was devastated. Saying an unprecedented catastrophe requires an unprecedented response, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has appealed for the international community to come together to help aid the areas ravaged by the tsunami.

Annan announced that the World Bank had added $250 million to the $250 million already pledged by the international community for the humanitarian effort, but more is needed. The United Nations will send out an appeal for millions of dollars, and a donors conference is planned for January 11. Several European nations said they were increasing their donations in response to Annan's appeal, including Britain which increased its pledge from $30 million to $95 million. Canada has announced a debt moratorium for tsunami-affected countries, and other wealthy creditor nations are expected to follow suit.

A U.S. delegation headed by Secretary of State Colin Powell and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, brother of President George W. Bush, will travel to southern Asia on Sunday, a White House spokesman said. John Budd, a spokesman in Indonesia for the U.N.'s children's fund UNICEF, said infrastructure damage in Aceh had made distributing aid especially difficult.

"UNICEF has an office which could have easily started, but that office has been wrecked," he said.

"It needs to be almost a military campaign," he said. "There needs to be airports set up. ... What we're looking at is re-establishing a social infrastructure in that country."

On Thursday, an Indonesian official said the death toll there had nearly doubled, from 45,000 to 79,940. Meanwhile, a low-pressure weather system settled over Medan on Sumatra, where the Aceh relief effort is based, forcing officials to close the airport and ground planes carrying aid to the hard-hit province.

A tsunami warning from Indian authorities on Thursday sent thousands of panicked coastal residents fleeing for higher ground. But the warning appeared to be a false alarm, after officials said it was meant as advice to be careful, not orders to evacuate. On the Indian coast, survivors wondered what they would do now that their homes have been flattened.

In Sri Lanka, survivors told CNN they were afraid and had lost hope after losing everything they owned and seeing members of their families swept out to sea. WHO's David Nabarro said survivors were at risk of diarrhea, respiratory infections and insect-borne diseases that could result in "quite high rates of death," but he quickly added that the living are in more danger from other survivors than from the dead. (Full story)

Nabarro also said the mental health of the survivors is at risk. "Tremendous mental scarring" results from disasters like this one, he said.

Islands Engulfed
Sri Lanka increased its death toll on Thursday to 24,673. Also, 6,589 are reported missing and considered most likely dead, and 12,482 are injured. Officials have little information from the north and east -- the hardest hit areas and, like Indonesia's northern Sumatra, home to an armed insurgency, although one that was under the terms of a cease-fire at the time of the disaster.

Across Sri Lanka, some 1.5 million people have been forced to leave their homes and more than 888,000 no longer have homes. They crowded shelters and wandered aimlessly down streets, past signs wishing a "happy new year." In the coastal town of Matara, locals said some 30 to 40 Western tourists were surfing when the tsunami hit, and all are missing and presumed dead. There also were fears that plastic land mines could be uprooted by the floodwaters.

Just before the towering waves washed over Sri Lanka, they swamped the vacation shores of Thailand, home to 40 percent of the country's $10 billion tourism industry. Thai officials have confirmed more than 4,000 deaths, 1,000 of which are believed to have been in the low-lying coastal province of Phang Na.

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said Thursday that casualties in his country could reach 7,000. Some of Thailand's smaller vacation islands were swallowed by the water, Thailand's Foreign Minister Surakiart Sathirathai said.

As far away as Somalia on Africa's east coast, reports trickled in of fishermen swept out to sea and swimmers lost. Jan Egeland, the United Nations' emergency relief coordinator, said entire villages were swept away in Somalia, and Kenya television reporter Lillian Odera said "hundreds" were killed there.

In all, at least 11 countries, including the Maldives, Myanmar, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Tanzania, were affected by the monstrous waves.
Condolences to all the Non-Muslim and to all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Al-Fatihah. May Allah, the Almight and Most Merciful blessed their souls and placed them with all the Solehs'. Amin.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Yesterday, I went to my friend’s wedding in Jelebu, Negri Sembilan. Hanil arrived at around 9 am and while I was bz wearing my tudung in the toilet, I felt my body swayed and I thought that I must be washed with dizziness due to lack of sleep (I slept late that night and woke up early, it happen quite often). When I went into the living room, Ninie and Pine asked me whether I felt the tremor. Looks like I’m not the only one who felt it. I ushered them out of the apartment, fearing that things will turned out like the Highland Towers (my apartment is at 16th floor, so you can imagined la how worried I was yesterday). Later that day, I found out that it was due to an earthquake in Banda Aceh, Indonesia way up to 6 kilometres under the Indian Ocean seabed. The death toll were more than 11,000 in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives, Bangladesh and Malaysia and thousands more were missing. But the highest number of people died were not because of the earthquake but from the Tsunami (big tidal waves than reached up to 20 metres high resulted from the earthquake). It’s the 4th biggest earthquake in this century.

Enough about that, yesterday was a blast..!! the 4 of us, Hanil, Wawa, Apeng and me were in the same car, trailing behind us was Emi and her beau, Zaidi. We stopped for breakfast at around 10.30 at Nilai R & R and continue our journey to Jelebu. We arrived at the wedding around 12 pm and makan some more. Around 1 pm, the bride and groom (Nida and Auzaini) arrived and hahahaha, Kak Ma was the maid of honour. Control gila beb!! Then some more friends arrived but I don’t really know them. All of us then proceed to go to Rembau to visit Apeng’s relatives there. Makan some more. Makan nasi lagi, got back around 5.30 and stop by along the way to enjoy cendol and Hanil and Emi ate mee hailam. Kuat betul budak-budak ni kalau bab melantak. We really enjoyed ourselves, with the continous bantering between Wawa and Apeng.. as usual la Apeng was always clowning around and teasing everbody. It was a fun trip. Jammed on the Seremban highway untill after nilai. Arrived home around 8.45 pm

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I bought airplane tickets just now to Kuching, Sarawak on the 7th January 2005 and retuned on the 10th January 2005. I’ll be going there with my housemate Norma. Bestnyerr!! I always wanted to go there now it’s my chance. I don’t have to worry about accomodation since we’re gonna crash my roommate’s hotel room. This is one of the advantages of having a friend who’s an auditor. She’ll be going there on the 5th January 2005 with Gopi and Andy for almost 3 weeks. Kaya la pompuan tu.. pegi sana elaun sehari RM75 hengget so kira la kalau dah 3 minggu. Haii. Jeleaous jugak aku ngan minah tuh.. itu la dulu bila Encik Riduan ajak, aku tolak kan skang dah miskin.. hai.. tensen tul. Bukannya aku tanak kaya cam pompuan tu tapi bila memikirkan yang kekadang tu macam tak dak life jer, maleh ler aku. For your info, Pinie and I are in the same department just different section that’s why I know her team members.

Come to think of it, this January I’ll be broke like hell.. 1st January, I’ll be going to Melaka, 7th I’ll be going to Sarawak and 20th I’ll be going back to my kampung for Hari Raya Haji. Wow.. looks like this coming new year promise me a very exciting (hopefully) year.. I just hope that Nora will be able to come back to Menara. Then both of us will have loads of fun.

So till now, I got a trip to Melaka, Sarawak and Insya Allah to Korea. Have to find something exciting to do from March till September and also December. Why those months?? Simply because, on February I’ll be going back to my Kampung for Chinese New Year and I have no plans for the month of March untill September, October is the fasting month, November to Korea and on December?? Hmm got to find something to do for the December or I can just simply chill out and relax while waiting for the next year to unfold for me. Cool huh??

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hehehe.. dah lama la aku tak nulih bukannya apa BZBZBZBZBZ mak cik dibuatnyer. Ni pun ada gak ghojer tapi sbb kena membaca kan so punya la mengantuk. Anyway, last Friday, I finished all my annual leave. Eleh sehari jer, I went to Kuantan and Cherating. Stayed at Legend Cherating Resort. That was the second time we stayed there. I went with Nora and my sis Mimi. Hampes betul pegi sana. Nora couldn’t make it on Friday because the person who was supposed to relief her got paternity leaves for 3 days so I’ll pick her up at Kuantan on Friday night. I drove to Kuantan using the new highway.. not a very good highway, the road is quite bumpy but still it cuts the travelling time by almost half. Anyway, my best friend, Nad is in Kuantan and I decided to check in first at Legend Cherating Resort. Since I was not familiar with that area (it was my first time driving to East Coast) I asked Nad for direction.. hampes tul la pompuan tu.. ingatkan terrer alih-alih aku sesat sampai ke Pekan. Tu la aku dah cakap kalau tak silap aku, nak ke Cherating kena ikut jalan nak ke Kuala Terengganu tapi mak cik tu siap nak sound au lagi.. hehehe hampess kelapa tul. Apapun aku selamat sampai ke Cherating. Lepak jap mandi manda kat swimming pool pas tu Nad came and pick us up around 7p.m. went to Kuantan. Makan kat Merdeka Court, ada la mamat hensem kat situ asyik pandang2, rugi aku ngan Nad tak ngayat.. err silap lak, Nad mana bleh ngayat orang lain Durhaka tau. Picked up Nora around 3a.m and the next day the 3 of us lepak2 in Cherating.

Started our journey back to KL around 2.30pm from Kuala Kemaman. Bought some keropok lekor and some tid bits for my boss and office mates. Tension oo.. aku sesorang jer drive, my sis and Nora dah terbunkang membuta, tengok diorang tidor aku lak rasa ngantuk. Fuiyoo!! Ada mamat bawak superbike, cun gila,, motor ler. Singgah kat Lanchang R & R, nampak la mamat yang bawak superbike tuh, mak aii, kureng hensem, biasakla slalunya motor memang best giler orang plak…hmmm.. no comment on that.

Lepas jer tol Karak, traffic dah macam siput babi jer.. slow gila, bayangkan mamat yang berjalan kaki kat tepi jalan tu siap potong keta kitorang lagi, Hampess!! Jammed sampai ler lepas terowong tu.. ghope-ghopenye diorang tengah baiki jalan, ala, lain kali kalau nak baiki jalan pun buat la waktu malam ker hari biasa ker.. macam ler tak tau yang jalan ke pantai timur tu sokmo-sokmo jer banyak keta kalau hujung minggu, naknyer kalau sabtu ngan ahad cuti. Banyak keta terpaksa behenti kat tempat sebab taku engine overheat, siap berkelah makan nasi lemak la, minum kopi la.. macam pesta pulak.

Went to Nik’s house around 6 something, mak cik tu bertunang dengan siapa???!! Sampai ler aku ngan Nora balik, dia tak ckap pun dia bertunang ngan siapa, tapi aku ngan Nora dah tau. Kitorang interview mak dier ler.. yang kelakarnyer hari ni nak bertunang pukul 7 pagi baru cakap ngan mak dia yang ada orang nak datang meminang hari nih.. hampess tul la pompuan tu, sesuka hati dia saja buat cenggitu. Aku pun tak paham la apa masalah dia. Patutler time Nora tanya mak dia dalam 2 weeks ago, mak dia macam confuse saja, rupanya memang dia tak cakap pun. Dia dah bincang ngan tunang dia tu awal lagi nak letak RM7,000 untuk hantaran + mas kawin ler kot, tapi mak dia dah hangin kot hari tu siap cakap apa tau.. RM7,000 tu untuk hantaran, mas kawin lak RM3,000 serba satu.. maunyer semua skali RM10,000 serba satu. Padan muka!! Tu la buat lagi kerja yang membelakangkan mak bapak. Nasib abik la pak cik dia ada hari tu, kalau tak hampess jer sapa nak jadik jurucakap. Haii.. ntahlah!! Conpius aku!! Anyway, dia bertunang dengan ex-bopren yang.. hai.. banyak tul kenangan gila yang terbabas, yang kalau diceritakan macam dalam drama la kiranya. Tapi munkin ini namanya jodoh!!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Hmm.. I’m waiting for Nora while playing Hangaroo!! God I was so bored. Luckily only me and Kak Ana were in the office. It was raining like hell outside. Selangor is on holiday and KL for sure will be washed out with all kinds of people from Selangor, not to mention the traffic havoc with the holidays and raining. (sigh**). Mana mak cik ni, penat dah aku tunggu. With all the rain, I don’t really think that we’re gonna make it to Nik’s house in Puchong. Macam mana ni??

Friday, December 10, 2004

I love u not for whom u are but who I am when i’m by ur side
No person deserve ur tears, and who deserve them won’t make u cry
Just because someone doesn’t love u as u wish, it doesn’t mean that u are not love with all his/her being
A true fren is the one who holds ur hand and touches ur heart
The worst way to miss someone is to be by his/her side and know that you’ll never have him/her
Never stop smiling, not even when you’re sad, someone might fall in love with you’re smile
You may only be one person in this world, but for someone, you’re the world
Don’t spend time with someone who doesn’t care spending it with you
Maybe God wants you to meet many wrong people before you meet the right one, so when this happens, you’ll be thankfull
Don’t cry because it came to an end, smile because it happened
There will always be people who’ll hurt you, so you need to continue trusting, just be carefull
Become a better person to be sure to know who you are before meeting someone new and hoping that person knows who you are
Don’t struggle so musch, best things happen when not expected

Tahun baru semakin hampir. Apa korang punya new year resolutions? Aku? Seperti biasak la nak zerorised segala hutang-hutang aku pas tu ingat nak beli rumah.. hehehehe, ye ker?? Cakap macam nak beli sayur jer. Tapi rasanya lambat la kot kalau bab nak membeli rumah ni kena ada fulus beb fulus, ye la nak bayar 10% tu ingat senang ker. Tapi di sebabkan aku ni staff, kalau amik loan pun cuma kena bayar 5% saja downpayment. Apa pun aku harap sempena tahun baru ni aku dapat memulakan hidup baru di tempat baru dengan suasana yang baru..

Tapi cuti taun depan tak best la, kalau sesapa yang keje kat KL nih, cuti tak banyak, lain la kalau keja kat Selangor, semua cuti diorang rembat. Pinie ada ajak aku pi Korea taun depan. Bila di check balik, kalau nak pi pun munkin lepas raya dalam bulan November, depa kata kalau nak pi Korea kena pi time musim luruh (Autumn) so dalam bulan October ngan November la, bulan December dah start musim sejuk dah. Mak cik tu la tak habih-habih ngan Winter Sonata dia yg peliknya dia dengan aku bukannya tahan sangat dengan cuaca sejuk-sejuk ni, tapi ada hati nak pi Korea pas tu siap nak ambik package yang ada ski lagi. Kalau nak diikutkan tu betui la jugak sebab tak penah merasa musim-musim sejuk cenggitu kan.

Kalau nak tau ini ler contoh Korean Muslim Tour yang aku ngan Pinie nak pegi tuh, tapi ini contoh jer, nanti kalau ada MATTA Fair next year. Mana la tau ada bargain yang lebih baik ka. For example macam Reliance Travel, diorang ada buat 0% interest installment scheme, kalau macam tu kira ok la jugak.


Seoul/ Wolmido Island/ Phoenix Park Ski Resort/ Mt Sorak/ Nami Island/ Abai Village/ Everland/ Lotte World

· Stay at Korea 5 Star Ski Resort, Phoenix Park. (Only 2 ½ hours driving distant from Seoul).
· Enjoy half-day skiing fun at Phoenix Park, with ski lesson taught by Phoenix Park’s Professional. Ski equipment & suits included (Worth RM175)
· Two meals are arranged in Seoul Muslim Restaurant with “Halal Food”.
· Visit to Ansang Mosque and Seoul International Mosque.
· Have fun at Korea Most Famous Theme Park, Everland and Lotte World.
· Seoul International Museum
· ABAI VILLAGE (Autumn Story). Located in Sokcho is actually where many North Koreans settled after the Korean War. (Abai: “Father” in Korean language) It was the place where An Xi grew up in the drama “Autumn Story”.

· Dongdaemun: A place for great bargains. Items include fabrics, clothing’s, footwear, and leather goods.
· Itaewon: Combine with 2000 shops selling all kinds of everything as well as jazz bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.
· Silk Shop: A place where you can get Korean quality silk.

· One night stay at this 5-star resort. Enjoy buffet breakfast in the resort. Enjoy half-day ski fun at the resort.
· Ski Lesson taught by Resort’s Professional + Gondola ride. Phoenix Park presently has 13 skiing courses with unique slopes for the enjoyment of dynamic and exciting experiences. It operates a Snowboard Park with quality snow facilities for snow boarders.

MT SORAK (with Cable Car Ride*)
· Visit the highest mountain of the T’aebaek mountain range blessed with abundant snowfall and is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountains in Korea.
· Kwongumsong Fortress-Located on the steep Dol Mountain of Mt Seorakan Sogongwon area. Built by the 23 rd King of the Goryeo Period (918-1392) to avoid war. *Cable Car Ride subject to services availabilities.

· Kyongbok Palace: Built in 1394 during the Joseon Dynasty, Cheong Wa Dae.
· National Folklore Museum, learn Korean history from Three Kingdoms (1C B.C. - 7C A.D.) to the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910).
· Visit to the Ginseng Factory, and Amethyst Outlet.
· Blue House: This is the Presidential Residence of the Republic of Korea.

Day 1 Depart for Inchon
Day 2 Inchon/Wolmido
Island/ Phoenix Park Ski Resort (L/D)
· Upon arrival, proceed to Yongjungdo Pier and Wolmido Island Waterfront.
· Visit to Ansang Mosque.
· Transfer to Phoenix Park and enjoy half-day skiing at the resort.

Day 3 Phoenix Park/Mt Sorak (B/L/D)
· Proceed to Abai Village, Daepo Fisher Wharf and Chuam Beach.
· Visit to Mt Sorak, tour including Kwongumsong Fortress by cable car ride.

Day 4 Mt Sorak/Nami Island/Everland/ Seoul (B/L/D)
· Visit to Nami Island before transfer to Everland. (With Entrance Ticket)
· Tour to Kyongbok Palace, National Folk Museum and Presidential Blue House.
· Visit to Seoul International Mosque.
· Shopping at Itaewon.

Day 5 Seoul/ Lotte World (B/D)
· Visit Ginseng Showroom, Amethyst Factory, War Memorial Museum and 2002 World Cup Stadium.
· Shopping at Dongdaemun and Silk Shop.
· Enjoy yourself in Lotte World. (Included Best 5 Tickets).

Day 6 Depart for Home (B)
· Free at leisure until transfer to airport.

Meals Included
4 Breakfasts 3 Lunches 4 Dinners
Meals Features:
v Korean Shabu-shabu
v Sotong BBQ
v Seafood / Mushroom Steamboat
v Seafood Fried Rice
Nights Stay: -·
1N Phoenix Park Ski Resort –
· 1N Mt Sorak – 4*
· 2 N Seoul – 5*

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Waah bestnyer dengar Shee bercerita pasal Sunday Nite Live di Planet Hollywood. Maklumla kan penyanyi kesayangan akak buat show kat sana dengan Dayang, siapa lagi kalau bukan Abang Nuar. Sedih sebab aku tak leh join on that day. Too tired la, dah la 2 hari (Sabtu ngan Ahad) jam terbabas-babas kat KL nih.

Aku lupa la ada perlawanan bola sepak between Kedah ngan Perlis. So semua sanak saudara aku orang Kedah + Perlis turun KL la hari tu sebab tu la jam melampaui batas imaginasi. Aku lak janji ngan Wawa nak ambil dier lepas Zohor that is after aku hantar Nini ngan Ayu.. alih2 pukul 5 baru sampai ke Shah Alam, Seksyen 19 lagi dekat giler ngan umah parents Anuar. Panas telinga aku kena perli ngan in laws member aku tu. For your info, husband si Wawa ni best fren aku so family dia pun aku sumua dah kenal, member aku si Hanil ni pegi buat umrah so tinggalkan Wawa kat umah mak dia kat Shah Alam, so, aku ni dengan baik hatinya pegi jemput Wawa ngan adik2 ipar die pas tu bawak balik ke rumah diorang kat Rawang.

Malam tu aku lepak sana la siap buat chocolate cake sebijik. Perghh!! Best gila. Memang mak cik tu pandai masak, nanti kalau aku nak kawin tak leh kawin ngan sesapa yg kenal baik ngan si Wawa ni nanti kena compare. Dah la baik, lemah lembut la jugak, pandai mengurus rumah, pandai masak lagi.. mak mertua sayang giler kat dia..

Ahad pun jammed jugak. Janji ngan Nora nak ke open house di rumah Kak Lis pukul 4, so aku kena la hantar Wawa ngan adik2 Hanil balik dulu, nasib bail lagi diorang teringat yang abah (bapak Hanil) nak ke rumah nenek di Batu Arang, bila saja call memang confirmed abah ngan mak ada kat sana so pegi la pulak ke rumah nenek. Minum kopi seround dengan kuih raya pas tu siap kait buah rambutan lagi bawak balik baru ler balik. Lepas jer tol Subang Jaya on the way to KL, Federal Highway dah start jammed. Masuk ler aku ke lebuh raya mender ntah yang dari Subang pas tu masuk ke Damansara, kuar ke Bangsar. Aku parking keta kat LRT Universiti kat umah aku tu pas tu naik plak lrt sampai Setiawangsa and Nora picked me up there and went to Kak Lis’s house kat Cheras Jaya.

We were the last person apa lagi makan sepuas2nya. Dah la aku kebuluran, bayangkanla aku cuma makan mee hon goreng jer pagi tu ngan air kopi + kuih raya + buah rambutan, dah tu kul 6.30 plak baru makan, tapi memang sedap la Kak Lis masak. Dah la makan banyak siap tapau lagi. Aku sampai umah pun dah kul 9 lebih.. maunya tak penat.

This weekend pun ada harapan nak penat jugak nih.. nak pegi ker tak yer ke Planet Hollywood nih.. alamak.. Aku di dalam dilemma.
Haruskah - Adam

Dikala dikau mencari cinta

Aku memberi tetapi beku kurasakan
Dikala aku dilamun cinta dengan dirimu
Mengapa kau jauh dariku

Tiada cinta di dalam dirimu
Biarpun kau kata cinta padaku
Tidak kau rasa getaran ini
Tiada cinta lain sehebat cintaku

Haruskah aku menanti cinta ini
Kerna kau masih tak mengerti hati ku
Tak perlu ku ucap
Baby I love you so
Kerna cinta darimu tak sehebat cintaku

Haruskah aku menahan perasaan
Tak sanggup kau bermain difikiranku
Tak perlu ku ucap apa diimpikan
Jadikan pengalaman cinta
Kita berdua

Setelah semuanya berlalu hatiku sepi
Tertusuklah cinta ku ini
Jikalau kau pergi dariku
Aku bersendiri
Mengapa kau begitu

Tiada cinta di dalam dirimu
Biarpun kau kata baby I love you
Tiada cinta getaran ini
Tiada cinta lain sehebat cinta ku

Ulang Korus

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Catch a falling star, put it in your pocket and never let it go

Hmm.. apo nak di kato, tahap keboringan terasa begitu tinggi skali.. Ya Allah!! It’s happening again!! Arghh.. luckily I’ll be moving out soon!! I hope..

I stayed in Vista for 4 years that's when I first came to KL. I stayed with Ija and the rest of my housemates. I stayed there for almost 2 years when things started to go wrong. I mean, I don’t have any problems with my housemates, a friendly squabble tu biasakla, akak ni kan kekadang tu laser skeet. Our relationship with each other is okay, but their problem (love problem) started to scare me out.

1 of them got married in Narathiwat (Northern Thailand) as a second wife in January, in February, 1 girl got married but went missing a week after her wedding. Another 1 just found out that her boyfriend two timing her.. err, I think I should rephrase that.. 2 – 3 or 4 timing her.. you see what I meant!! Halloo.. is this a drama or what?? At that time I and Ija each of us are in a relationship.. guess what?? Everything turned out to be a tragedy. Sometimes I did think that our house’s being hexed.. hehehehehe.. both Ija and I broke up with our man, both girls divorced.. ngeri sangat dengar crita diorang tu.. I know it scared the hell out of me,

I moved out from the house but still living in the same area. Now, my current housemate are facing new problems, family squabble!! 1 got a huge fight with her husband (her husband is in Melaka), 1 got trapped between family squabble, don’t know which one to choose, to follow her mother or her stepfather.. (things are a bit more complicated than meets the eye, it is if it involved money and property!!) well.. I know I’m gonna have the same problem in the future!! Let’s not worry about it yet.. and another girl having a row with her parents because they did not approved of her relationship with her boyfriend..

You see!!! What kind of life am I living?? But it’s okay, I just have to be patient for a one or two more months, as soon as Pinie finalised averything with the bank over the apartment, we can move out.. Yahoo!! A new year, a new place, a new start..!! Hmmm!! That sounds lovely.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Penatnyer.. semenjak balik opis last week, aku asyik banyak kejer jer. Semalam tak leh tidor lagi. Hampes tul. Aku pun tak tau la apa masalah aku asyik susah jer nak tidor, kalau tidor pun bangun besok pagi rasa cam letih jer. Mc Ja lepak kat umah aku ni tapi mlm ni dia dah nak balik. mak cik tu ada seminar kat UM. Cian dia terpaksa tinggal baby kat kampung. Musykil betul aku, amk tu tak der la macam cina, bapaknyer lagi la jauh alih-alih, anak dia macam chinese nama Adib Zakuan Iskandar. Mak aii.. panjangnyer nama tapi panggil Adib jer.
Hari ahad baru ni aku pegi KLIA hantar Hanil buat Umrah. Kesian Wawa kena tinggal oleh si Hanil tuh. Sedih dia, maklumla semenjak kawin ni, ini ler first time dia kena tinggal.
Hari Raya (Bahagian 2)
Lupa lak aku nak crita pasal pengalaman balik kampung pada hari raya (sambungan dari previous entry). Petang hari Jumaat tu aku pegi ler pasar Ramadhan, terjumpak la si Syam (?? ex-bopren aku daa), sorang jer dia bini ngan anak tinggal kat umah. Well sembang la kejap, tak leh lelama nanti ada orang report kat bini dia susah lak aku. Keesokan harinyer pulak aku pegi la membeli barang keperluan untuk masak rendang and the gang la + ambik baju raya aku yg 2 pasang tuh.. alih-alih bila aku try kat umah, baju dah ok tapi kain dier besar ler pulak.. tensen tul aku, takkan la aku boleh kurus sampai kain die terlebih besar. Hancus baju raya aku tak leh pakai. ARGHH!!! terpaksa la aku pegi Alor Setar beli baju raya.
(end of Part 2.. nanti sambung lagi yer..)
Yeeha...!! Nak balik tido

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Akhirnya.. Today I’m back in the office, betapa malasnyer nak bangun pagi tadi, maklumla cuti hampir 2 minggu asyik bangun lambat jer, pagi tadi siap mimpi kat Kenshin Himura lagii.. Haaa..siapa dia mamat nih, kalau sesapa tengok citer Samurai X tau ler siapa Kenshin Himura @ Battosai nih.. Cemana la siap boleh masuk mimpi aku ni.. Musykil tul.

Macam mana ngan raya korang..?? Chewah siap tanya lagi, ada ker orang baca blog aku nih?? Anyway aku punya cuti dipenuhi dengan aktiviti yg memenatkan + sedikit tensen. Kita mulakan dengan hari Deepavali, aku pegi berbuka ngan Hanil, Wawa, Apeng dan jugak adik aku Mimi kat Dewan Felda. OK gak makanan dier.

Besoknyer, hari Jumaat, member aku kejutkan aku kul 5.45 pagi, cadangnyer nak bertolak balik ke Kedah kul 6.30 pagi so lepas berkemas sumua around 6.40 am aku pun call la si Ija nih, kakak dier yg angkat cakap dah nak kuar so aku pun dengan semangat berkobar2 nak balik kg nih kuar le pegi Tol Jalan Duta sebab dah memang janji jumpak ke situ, tunggu punya tunggu tak sampai2 jugak. Pas tu datang ler mamat NST 2 orang interview aku pas tu siap amik gambar lagi tak tau ler masuk NST ker tak sebab aku bukannya baca sangat pun NST tuh.. Anyway, around 7.20 am, aku call lagi mak cik tu, ghope-ghopenyer baru kuar dari rumah, nasib baik umah kat Sentul so tak der ler jaih sangat, so, around 7.30 am pun kitorang bertolak ler dari tol Jalan Duta. Aku kasi ler dia jalan dulu, mak aii!! Slow giler, bayangkan kat highway bawak 70 kmj. Macam nak pengsan aku ngan adik aku punya ler tensen. Bayangkan kuar dari 7.30 pagi kul 9 lebih pun blom sampai Tapah lagi.. Last-last aku pun berenti kat satu R & R (tak ingat ler kat mana) jumpa dier (nasib baik kakak dier ke toilet), siap tanya lagi member aku ni bawak keta ker keta lembu?? Alih2 tu penyebab dier ialah kakak dier. Member aku ni baru dapat keta, kakak dia plak jenis penakut skett bila member aku bawak nak sampai 100kmj dia dah kecut pas tu nak duduk belakang lori jer. Aku dah tak larat dah nak ikut dia so aku pun dengan gumbiranya balik ler dulu, kul 1 lebih aku dah masuk Jalan Langgar bila aku call Ija cakap baru sampai kat Tol Juru, Penang. Penat aku dibuatnyer.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Today is the last day i'm working before i start my Hari Raya holiday for 13 days. I will only be back on Wednesday 24.11.2004. Bestnyeeeee!! Tomorrow, Happy Deepavali to all Hindus out there and I'm going to Cerana Resturant for buaka puasa with Hanil, Wawa, Apeng, Mimi and Ayu. I have no idea where the restaurant is.
Oh ya.. this morning, Mary Loo, one of the real estate agent called me concerning an apartment. Make no mistake, bukan aku yang membeli apartment but my roommate Pinie but since she couldn't get hold of Pinie so she called me. It seems that they alreay obtained the consent for the title of the apartment. Well.. Finally after almost I don't know how many months, baru dapat title. Ini yg susah kalau beli apartment nih.
Anyway, as soon as she got the key, make some renovation, we will move in.. I said we because I will be moving in with her. I'll get my own room.. Kewll!!
Oklah, will got back to this later.. well if not after my holiday. I'm going back to my hometown this Friday!! Yeehaa!! Abahh.. tunggu!! Anakmu nak balik nih. Sedihnyer sebab ini adalah taun ke 12 aku beraya tanpa mak tersayang. Skang ni menumpang kasih kat mak tiri. mak.. balik ni jgn lupa buat sayur keladi yer.. abah jgn lupa ikan pari bakar cicah air asam.. hehehehe. Bestnyerrr!!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Hai.. Aku rasa semenjak dua menjak ni memang aku ni asyik bernasib malang jer. Saturday, got up late..this is the third Saturday in a row we had to work..this is due to the Hari Raya which falls on Sunday. Anyway, I wanted to drive coz I wanted to bring back all those kuih raya.. I put my key in the ignition and nothing happened!!. Mummy.. I cannot start the engine.. Arghhh!!! Since it’s already quite late so I took the LRT, at the office called Apeng and told him my problem and he said he will come to my house and bring the jumper along cos I said that the problem migh be the batteries.
Ala skang ni kan musim hujan dengan guruh kilatnyer boleh menyebabkan alarm tu berbunyi tak berenti. Since I park inside the covered car park..tak berapa perasan kalau alarm berbunyi pun. So, on Sunday, si Apeng tu datang ngan Hanil bawak jumper, pas tu baru aku terperasan something, penutup tayar belakang kelisaku hilang satu pas tu pintu plak kemik siap ada bekas tapak kaki lak tu.. Mangkuk hayun tul.. Nasib baik bulan puasa so sabar je lah. Eee kalau la aku dapat siapa yg pedajal aku nih, aku suruh jer bouncer2 aku tu kerjakan dia. Yang lagi tensen tu sebab dia curik satu jer penutup tayar tu, kalau nak curik tu curik ler empat2. Hampes kelapa tul. Malam ni baru nak pegi ketuk, nasib baik ler bopren si Ayu (member Mimi) tuh mekanik, bleh la ku ngan muka tak mal mintak tolong.. Yer la dah la Jumaat ni aku dah nak balik kampung mana la sempat nak pegi baiki keta.
Dah la mak cik dah tensen nih, nanti sambung balik, petang ni nak pegi makan kat Teppanyaki kat Mid Valley untuk menghilangkan rasa gundah gulana.. huuhuuhuuu

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hampes 10X hampes!! 2 kali weblog aku tak bleh post smlm, dah la aku tak save, tulih pulak berjela2 panjang. Bengang betuii aku di + pula bengang sbb call Planet Hollywood tapi dah fully book untuk perfomance by Anuar and Dayang on the 12.12.2004. Tensen tul. Ni yg macam malas jer rasa nak pegi sebab dah fully booked kalau nak berdiri tu maleh ler mak cik.

Aku skang ni tgh keboringan tahap ke 10 dah. Cemana nak menghilangkan boring ni?? Lupa lak, hari ahad baru ni aku pegi bebuka puasa kat KLCC ngan bebudak X-DIA Arau. Memula tu si Sue booked kat Shroom, dah siap double confirm dah nih, alih2 hari tu pegi jer kata tak der meja. Apa lagi kelam kabut jer diorang kat situ carik tempat untuk kitorang. Alih2 dia bukak satu meja special kat Santini yg sebelah dengan San Francisco Steak House, rasanyaler, siap ada special waiter lagi untuk kitorang. Dah tu kasi coupon for every 4 person, free 1 person.

Yg pegi hari tu Sue ngan husband dan anak, pas tu Dewa ngan awek (Linda), Ismar and wife, Naguib (budak DBS) ngan wife jugak, pas tu sue bawak 4 orang kawan dia n huband, Zahari nagn wife, pas tu aku and Kamal. Kira okla. tak der la menarik sangat.

Lepas tu aku ke rumah Nik. Mak cik tu tengah bz buat kuih raya, apa lagi aku ke sana jer main ngan anak2 angkat aku ler. Gemuknya si Baby tu..geram aku dibuatnyer. Mak cik tu ajak aku ke rumah dier hari Sabtu ni. Katanya ada orang nak merisik dier tapi aku tau reason dia ajak aku, ni mesti nak kenenkan aku ngan pak cik dier. Pak cik dier tu tak der la tua dalam early thirtiesla.. hampes tul. Mula2 tu ingat nak pegi jugak tapi kena pikir banyak kali sket la. Takut!! hehehehe.

Alamak lepas ni nak pegi blind date plak.. don't ask how we got to contact each other, malasnyer!! Bosannyeee!! Tak sabar nak balik kg minggu depan pi rumah Zeti pi jumpa Dot.. lama dah tak jumpa Dot.. Rindu laaaa.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Tension..Tension !!

(* Currently listening to MIDI - Missing Each Other fron Long Vacation)

Tension lagi.. PC kat umah still macam tu jugak. tak dapek la mak cik nak update Blog on time. terpaksala buat kat opis tu pun kalau tak bz bleh la. slalunyer kalu buat pun dah nak last2 nak habis kejer dah, macam skang ni. I only got a few minutes to spare sbb hari ni drive so takut jam kat blakang KLSE tuh. Hmapes kelapa tul.

Anyway, Apeng got complimentary ticket from Dynasty Hotel, so aku ngan dia pergi Sungkai kat sana la hari Khamis baru nih.. hehehe, next week dia pegi ngan awek dia plak. Mesti musykil jer mamat yg kejer kat situ, minggu ni bawak orang lain, minggu depan orang lain plak. Besok plak ada Majlis Berbuka kat Shroom ngan X_DIA Arau. Eleh yg pegi pun sikit jer tu pun nasib baik sebab masing2 bawak spouse/partner, cuma aku, As ngan Zaza jer yg single. Well.. best jugak, aku pun dah lama tak jumpa bebudak tuh..

Last night, tengok Zoom In Bersama Anuar n Ziana kat TV2, tetiba jer tepon aku berbunyi, AR rupanya.. katanya macam nampak aku kat dalam TV hehehehe.. tak derlah.. mana la nampak muka aku sbb aku duduk bukannya kat depan pon.. eleh sesaja ler tu nak kacau aku. Pas tu bila Anuar nyanyi jer lagu munkin terus jer dapat SMS dari mamat tu kata suka lagu Munkin tu pas tu siap tuju lagi lagu tu kat aku.. erkkk!! nak pengsan.. Adik aku dah gelak tahap ke 18 dah pun. Dah tu dapat soalan cepu mas plak dari adik aku.. Dia tanya AR ni nak start kenen balik aku ker.. Erk lagi skali.. Mana ada, sesuka hati jer adik aku ni buat assumption. Aku ngan dia tak pernah ada apa-apa dan munkin takkan ada apa-apa. Tapi aku tak nak la cakap tak mau terus (itu takbur namanya) kang kalau Tuhan nak tunjuk kat aku tetiba jer nanti aku tersuka kat dia. Ha.. time tu nak buat cemana?? Eii.. tak nak la aku pikir benda2 yg menakutkan nih.

Aku malas nak pikir benda2 nih.. dah Tensen ngan si darling aku tu dulu pas tu ngan mamat sewel lagi sebelum si Darling tu.. huhmm.. hampesss.. Oraitt la nak log off dah nak get ready nak balik.. chow chin chow

Monday, October 25, 2004

Buka Puasa Again

Kali ni kat Pearl International Hotel with my housemate, Kak Ma, Pinie and my sister, Mimie. Ok la.. the food's ok, got ayam masak kicap, gulai daging, masak lemak udang and also siput masak lemak, sayur taugeh, sotong goreng kunyit gulai ikan, all sort of pastries like chocolate cake, cheese cakes, jellys bread pudding, maggo pudding, apple strudle etc, got bubur lambuk and fish soup, grilled lamb and kebabs, chicken rice, ABC, mee hon soto and mee hoon soup, salads.. fruits rojak.. got honey dew, watermelon, dragon fruits and a whole lot more. Overall, i think last year's buffet wasbetter and cheaper.
Sue, one of my coursemate in Arau, suggested that we break our fast this weekend at Shrooms, KLCC. Hmm.. dah lama jugak aku tak ke sana. Hai bulan puasa ni asyik bukak puasa kat luar jer.. hai kopak mak cik. Tapi apa pun raya ni aku cuti start dari deepavali, 11.11.2004 sampaila hari isnin22.11.2004. Hari selasa baru la aku keja balik .. bestnyerr!!.
Alamak balik raya ni mesti rasa macam tak cuti je maklumla, mana nak pi rumah Zeti lagi, Jaja, Banie, Zairie, pas tu ngan Fira n the gang lagi pas tu jadi Drebar Abah lagi. Apa pun, Abah punya pasai.. mana dia nak pi pun aku musti aku bawak jugak pas tu nak pi jumpa Pak Cik Halim n family, balik kg lagi.. haiii!!! kurus mak cik cenggini.
KPI baru dah kuar.. ada harapan nak dapat exceeded next year nih.. kalau ikutkan la, tapi MC dah banyak la mesti kena tolak lagi.. hampes tul.
Balik ni kena pegi tukar IC baru.. hehehehe tak tukar lagi la, pas tu nak buat passport sbb kalau boleh taun depan nak ke Phuket. Share plak tak naik2 lagi cemana nih.. kalau naik aku ank jual semua pas tu nak settle habih segala hutang piutang aku tu, pas tu boleh la kumpul duit, pas tu campur duit bonus taun depan bleh la pikir beli rumah lak.. hahahaha.. tingginya cita2 aku ni provided taun depan ada adjustment gaji. bukannya umah besaq beli apartment yg murah2 jer. jauh sikit tak per janji murah, lagipun dah ada ketakan.. lama2 nanti mesti membangun jugak tempat tu.
Nak makan apa ek malam ni?? kejap lagi beli asam pedas ikan kat bawah u pas tu goreng ikan terubuk masin. Perghh!! Best gila. Tak sangka la pulak bebudak ni pegi outstation ke sabah/sarawak, diorang belikan aku ikan terubuk masin. Aku sesaja cakap jer hari tu tak sangka la pulak diorang betul2 belikan walaupun sekor pas tu kena share ngan orang tapi it's teh thought that counts kan..
Oklah dah nak chaloh dah ni. Dah dekat 5.30 dah. Adios
Selamat Berbuka!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Buka Puasa

Yesterday, Nik, Nora, Diana and I went to Chakri Palace, KLCC for our buka puasa. the place's quite nice and the buffet is average. We paid around RM44.90 and it was a Thai food with prawns, chicken, fish, sour soup, chicken mushroom and toufu soup, squids, kerabu mangga, prawn crackers, spring rolls, beef and many more Thai delicacies. Not bad la..

opss.. almost 1 pm, continue later.. chow chin chau..

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Zoom In Bersama.. Anuar & Ziana Zain

Finally, I went to see Zoom In Bersama.. Anuar & Ziana Zain at Angkasapuri yesterday.. The show started a bit late around 9.15p.m and by that time i was already sleepy and tired. Luckily we sat a few rows from the front and the view was good. He was soooo handsome last night, must be the dimples. And Ziana is so slim, slimmer than before she got married! Well her husband Armin was there too.. I met Hafiz and I saw Azmie sitting not far from Bob (Akademi Fantasia).

The show started with a medley with both Ziana and him sang a song from their album and the show kick off with him singing songs like Munkin, Januari (Originally by Glen), Semua Untuk Mu and a duet with Ziana Senja Nan Merah. Ziana sang songs like Lembah Asmara and a few songs from her last album and the show ended with both of them sang a medley from their album. Because the show was a recording both Ziana and him had to sing again and again if the shot was not satisfactory. One particular song, Januari, Anuar had to sing a few times i think almost 4 times. It was quite funny actually..
Oh well.. got to get back to work..

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


bukannya sedih apa tapi selsema.. tension mak cikk gini.. Nad called yesterday, i was at home on MC and she told me it's confirmed by specialist that she's having twins!!! Congratulations but the doctor cannot determine the sex or whether it's identical or not. Too early to tell.. ahaks.. she's start seeing evrything in twos.. well i'm sure everything will be fine.. kan setiap rezeki anak itu dah ditentukan oleh Allah Yang Maha Kuasa.

my head hurts, me eyes watery, my nose's like leaking pipes and i had a terrible cough.. of all the time, bulan puasa pulak nak demam.. apapun dugaan. Tomorrow night nak pegi tengok showcase Anuar and Ziana Zain kat Angkasapuri.. hehehehe bestnyerr!!! Can't wait for tomorrow.. hari ni bukak puasa nak makan apa ya???!!
oppss.. almost 5.30 pm, nak bersiap dah nak balik nih, bestnyerrr!! nak landing.. ohh, malam ni kena iron baju 2 pasang for Tuesday.. allrise everybody.. adios amigos

Sunday, October 17, 2004

I found it!!!

Finally i managed to download the themesong and the lyrics for Mukodono 2003 sang by Nagase Tomoya title Omaeya Naito Akannen. Thanks to a group for Tomochan's fans and thanks to Ikram Rozlan for guiding me and enable me to get the lyrics from This site is in Thais so i just groped around and finally managed to get the lyrics.

The song was superb!! and i really loved it. The song was haii.. no words to describe just simply marvellous. If you noticed, i already posted the lyrics for original Mukodono earlier. Well, i you want the songs just email me..

Here it is guys, the lyrics..

Omaeya Naito Akannen – nagase tomoya (mukodono 2003)


Onna ni wakarahen otoko no iji ga aru shi
Sunao ni iwarehen kodoku na yoru mo aru shi
Wakatte kureru ka oira wo zenbu
Isshou kakatte ii kara
Tada massugu kono yume wo kanaeyou yo

Hoshizora-tachi ga oira-tachi no mirai wo
Ima mitodoketeru kara hora kuchizuke wo shiyou

Oshaberi de eenen
Donkusai no mo omae yanen
tsuite koi

Onna ni miserarehen otoko no namida aru shi
Nakanaka wasurehen iron na omoi mo aru shi

Wakatte kureru ka oira wo zenbu
Isshou kakatte ii kara
Akogareteta ano mise wo yoyaku shita yo

Hoshizora-tachi ni oira-tachi no mirai wo
Hora sengen suru yo zettai shiawase ni suru yo
Nebosuke de eenen
Ryouri heta no mo omaeyanen
tsuite koi
WOW YEAH WOW.........

Hoshizora-tachi ga oira-tachi no mirai wo
Ima mitodoketeru kara hora
Oshaberi de eenen
Donkusai no mo omae yanen
tsuite koi

Hoshizora-tachi ni oira-tachi no mirai wo
Hora sengen suru yo zettai shiawase ni suru yo
Nebosuke de eenen
Ryouri heta no mo omaeyanen
tsuite koi

Tsuite koi

Monday, October 11, 2004


I called my best friend Nadiah @ Nut just now.. hehehehe nutty nut. She's in Kuantan now with her husband and currently 4 months pregnant.. Congratulations!!! I'm really happy for her and wish her happines always. I missed her a lot. I missed our times together in Arau, in KL ( ala masa zaman muda2 dulu), our girls nite out.. well we share quite a memorable memories together. And truthfully Nut.. i don't know wether i've told you this before but i did resent your relationship with Zali. I resent him for taking you away from me.. (jangan pikir bukan2 yer). We used to spent a lot of time together and suddenly Zali came into the pictures and everything is about him. You couldn't go out with me because you're seeing him, and everytime i called to ask you out, you're on your way to meet him or to meet his brother and i resent that. Probably because i knew that you're serious about him and our time together as bachelors was getting shorter. Yer la sapa lagi la member aku yg suka masuk living quarters la, suka makan kat coffee bean ler.. dah tak der member yg share all those things with me.. tu yg tak best tu. hehehehe. But seeing you're happy with Zali and I'm happy too.. tapi tensen la hang slalu tanya aku pasai pak we.. tak dak pak wer la, ex pak wer ada la.. hahahahaha..

Hmm.. how time flies so very fast but i feel that i'm still caught up in the past. It feels like it was only yesterday that i adorned the green uniform (hehehehe katak pisang kat Arau), I still remember Abg Nik, Abg Nizam, Abg Zack, Chiko, Anak Jin.. the dinners, the bands, Gerai, BK, Padang Rempuh Halangan, Intan and Mizi, Nut and Chiko (hahaha couple glamer), emi and her hair, Zamri and his story in Gua Wang Burma. So many memories.

Well.. those things are memories that i would never forget..

Friday, October 01, 2004

It's been a while..

hmm.. dah lama jugak aku tak menulih kat sini. tak der la jugak bz tapi kekadang tu terlupa. (currently listening to Hitoribotchi no Haburashi - Sakuraba Yuichiro- theme song from Mukodo) i really love this song.. tapi soundtrack utnuk Mukodono 2003 pun tak kurang hebatnya cuma nak kena carik dulu.. dah jumpa tapi guna bit torrent la pulak. maklumla.. pc aku ni guna dial up connection (zaman batu punya) nanti la ingat nak tukar ke broadband.. laju skett. boelh la aku download lagu tu + watch all those series online.
pejam celik pejam celik dah pun bulan 10 tak lambat lagi puasa lak. cepat bebenor masa berlalu. bila nak masuk bonus ni.. hopefully masuk ler sebelum raya.. orang lain dah dapat department aku jer lembab sikit nak kena masuk meeting dulu la.. skang ni dah ikut system baru.. rasa macam lagi tensen, sebab bonus ikut department, kalau target fully met ada yg dapat 4 bulan ada yg dapat 3 bulan, pas tu kalau yg exceeded dapat 6 bulan.. dulu senang ikut individual.. tapi skang ni kena keja keras sikit la sbb dia effect one whole department. yg ngerinyer ada dpt 2 bulan jer bonus.. arghh tensen.. kitorang ni dapat berapa????
forget about bonus.. tapi tak leh gak sebab macam2 aku nak buat ngan duit bonus tu.. nak langsaikan hutang kad kredit (amaran!! jgn guna banyak2) nak kasi kat abah nak siapkan umah.. nak buat passport sbb ingat taun depan ank ke phuket.. bercuti ngan member2.. jeles tul member aku nak pi korea bln 12 nih.. tapi tak per taun depan aku lak.. tapi aku nak pi ke China, tgk forbidden city la, great wall of china la.. banyak lagi la. so utk bln 12 taun ni pegi la aku ker cherating.. balik2 cherating.. boring gak.. dah la hujan tapi disebabkan takut aku punya cuti expired so terpaksa la jugak ke sana. aku harap sangat la share company naik gila2 bulan january taun depan bleh la aku jual dan jadik kaya sekejap.. exercise semua jer la 10 lot tu... kalau simpan pun sampai bln 8 taun depan dah burn 10 lot.. heyy.. duit free beb.. sapa nak kasi ribu2. ESOS ler katakan.
oklah dah nak kemas dah ni.. nak balik umah.. mak aii, gelap gila kat luar tu.. nak hujan.. so enjoy your weekend.. i know i will..

Hitoribotchi no Haburashi - Sakuraba Yuichiro
tashika ni ore ga
ikenai tte koto o ima ja mitometeru yo
ano hi no ore wa
sukoshi naze dake dou ka shitetanda
"ai shiteru" sono kotoba shika
omoi tsuka nai Uh
yume no naka sae kimi wa kitekurenai
haburashi wa itsumo you ni
kagami no mae niko narande
Ah matsu yo ore wa matteru
shinjite matsu yo
tashika ni ore wa
sonna kiyou ni konnasu hou ja nai shi
ima demo ore wa
onna jouzu ni jouku mo ienai
"ai shiteru" kono kotoba ga
ano hi iezu ni Ah
mirai made todoku you na
ai tsutaetai
haburashi wa ore no dake ga
itande yuku naze nan da
nee, kimi wa ai no tsuzuki o
nee, dare to shiteru?
haburashi wa itsumo you ni
kagami no mae niko narande
Ah matsu yo ore wa matteru
shinjite matsu yo
haburashi wa ore no dake ga
itande yuku naze nan da
nee, kimi wa ai no tsuzuki o
nee, dare to shiteru?

Monday, July 12, 2004


Saturday 10.07.2004, we had our Hi-Tea Cum Farewell to our CAE at the KL Tower Revolving Restaurant, quite a nice place. Oh and before that in the morning, we had our staff meeting, the first staff meeting for our CAE. When I first came inside the meeting room, I saw a guy standing by the notebook, I don't know, doing something la and I thought "who is that guy, he didin't look like one of us, maybe he's a technician" and then I looked at him again "oh my God!! The new CAE!!" hehehehehe, didn't look like CAE at all, so sempoi.. Maybe because he's young, only 40 years old.

Anyway, we had our Hi-Tea and things a bit kelam kabuat during the registration but everything's ok la. The food is average, not that good but the view was magnificent if it's not because of haze. Finished around 5.30, dropped Aneza and Neezar at the office and then dropped pak cik tu kat Ampang and arrived home around 7.00 p.m. Makk aii!! I was so tired that I cannot sleep that night. Nida was at my house and she was so irritating , maybe I was crancky, you know tired and all but I cannot help it la.. So what if I like listening to chinese song!!?? Is that a crime??

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Keabadian Cinta
Selembut bicara
Sehalus sentuhanmu
Layangan pesonamu

Tak mungkin ku lupa
Jelingan pertama
Nan indah penuh makna

Akan kusahut cintamu itu
Bersama kita menuju bahagia

( Chorus )
Takkan lagiku sendiri
Kasih yang berlabuh kini
Terasa keabadian cinta kau beri
Mungkinkah daku bermimpi
Sebahagia begini
Ini bukan (nya) ilusi
Oh kasih

Seindah irama
Gemersik suaramu
Mengalun sepiku yang merindu

Akan kusahut cintamu itu
Bersama kita menuju bahagia

( Chorus )

Tuhan merestui
Bahagia begini
Kasihmu nan suci

( Chorus )
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Me and Anuar Zain 13/06/2004 Posted by Hello


After 4 days of holiday, malas tul nak bangun pagi tadi.. banyak jer orang carik aku hari nih, tapi yg tak bestnyer kat cubicle/ unit aku, ada aku sorang jer, 2 orang cuti, sorang gi course. Semalam lagi best, sorang pun tak der sbb aku mc.. hahaha, ngamuk bos aku smlm sbb tak der sorang pun kat unit aku.. baru dia tau kepentingan kitorang..

Around 11 a.m pegi KLCC carik hadiah untuk CAE aku, maklum la hari Sabtu ni kan ada Hi-Tea cum kat KL Tower Revolving Restaurant. Beli la 2 helai T-shirt gol kat pak cik tuh.. mak aii mahal giler.. 2 stupid t-shirts costs about RM300..

AGHHH!!! Bosannyerrr!!!!

Musim Berlalu

Melewati hari-hari
Aku rasa sunyi
Kian lama menyendiri
Jiwa yang tak terisi
Merenung ke dalam diri
Kurasa kekosongan
Segala yang ku miliki
Semakin jauh pergi

Di suatu masa hidupku bahagia
Tika hadirmu dulu ke dalam duniaku
Di bawah awan kita pernah bersatu
Menjalinkan rasa rindu
Semusim yang berlalu

Semua kini tak lagi ku temui
Saat dengan mu yang semakin jauh di telan waktu
Kenangan lalu bersemadi dalam jiwa ini
Kekal bersemi
Sebuah cinta abadi

Aku menyusuri waktu
Dengan rasa rindu
Pada senyum dan tangis mu
Semusim yang berlalu
Aku benar merasai hilangmu tak berganti
Sejarahmu yang gemilang kan tetap di ingatan

Aku merasa sunyi tanpa dikau di sisi
Sering terbayang setiap kenangan bersama
Tempuhi segalanya

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


alamak malas tul nak pegi kejer besok, maklumla dah 2 hari aku tak pegi kejer. malas. ramai jer orang mencarik aku.. hehehe maklumla orang penting untuk hi-tea hari sabtu tu.

amacam, kenal tak mamat kat sebelah aku tuh.. ya betull!! itu ler anuar zain.. taken on 13/6/2004 di Top Hat Restaurant sempena Upfront With Anuar Zain. Gathering ngan dier. x-clusive lagi cuma 18 orang jer. best!! he's so nice and polite.. ada lagi gambar yg best.

penat tul aku, cuti 4 hari pun tak macam cuti. hari sabtu dah bawak mimi, pini n kak ma jalan-jalan. hari ahad ngan isnin dah buat part time tuh hantar hari isnin petang sambil bawak2 aku punya sedara jalan2. hari ni pun bawak dia pegi IKEA, 1 Utama pas tu pegi mid valley.. penat tul...


Me and Anuar Zain.. well not really a good pic but the sofa was sooo big!! anyway he's so hencem!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Bos aku dah balik dari Australia..!! Tak der souvenir pun..!! Eleh kedekut tul mamat tu. Hehhehe. Hmm.. Dah nampak dah bos baru aku tu. Umur baru 39/40 tapi tak der la hensem, bujang lak tu. Hai gaji sebulan mau RM20k ++ ni mamat tuh. Tapi boleh ker dia pegang tanggungjawab nih. Dulu time kat Celcom bleh la auditor cuma +- 20orang jer, tapi, kat sini semua skali Audit Division termasuk yang kat Singapore, Indonesia ngan Philippines ni dalam 283 orang. Cepat botak ler jawabnyer, macam bos aku dulu jugak. Hehehehe.. Tapi kali ni bos melayu so munkin bleh la tolong orang dia sikit kan.

*Currently listening to Ask For More by F4)

Aku ni kan versatile skeett(betul ker ejaan aku ni.. Ah, belasah jer) semua lagu aku layan, lagu cina ker, jepun ker, korea ker semua asku blasah kalau aku rasa sedap, walaupun aku kekadang tu sepatah haram pun aku tak paham. Tapi tak per kan music tu kan universal. Dengar pun dah tau sedih ker, gembira ker tapi kekadang tu tak bleh nak define gak macam heavy metal tu.

Last Sunday, member aku terjumpak Abg Nuar @ Anuar Zain kat KLCC. Biasakla rumah kedua dia kan. Member aku jumpak kat ISETAN - ladies department. Memula tu tertanya-tanya jugak apa yang dibuatnyer kat situ tapi semalam baca paper Harian Metro ada gambar dia dengan Ning dan Misha sempena birthday Ning yang ke 30 so aku agak munkin dia ke sana beli birthday present untuk Ning kot.

Ala semalam EURO 2004, quarter final, Portugal menang la pulak, hahahaha..kalah la pasukan adik aku tu, apa pun, kita tunggu la sapa masuk final. Alamak, malam ni nak ke Shah Alam la pulak. Malas tul la aku, mesti balik lambat. Nasib baik besok balik kul 5 petang pas tu Sabtu ngan Ahad cuti la pulak. Bestnyerr, bleh la aku tengok katun. Hmm, nak pegi jumpa emi tak hari Sabtu ni?? OK gak, bleh la aku tengok umah dier. Pas tu hari Ahad pegi umah Nomi lak, bleh la aku main ngan kucing2 dier tu.

Monday, June 28, 2004


Well.. Yesterday, I was soo tired.. Jadik supir my housemate pegi tengok rumah di Pandan Indah. She was looking for an apartment near the lrt station. There's quite a few apartment but the nearest would be Pandan Puteri.. Then there's Le Jardine Codominium but a bit kotor, not kotor but rather the building really needs a fresh coat of paint. Ada Kenari/Kedidi and ll sort of apartment. Kira boleh consider la. Well, we'll see which one she will buy, and if she moves then I would definitely follow her. Sayangnyer naktinggalkan Vista Angkasa. Dah 4 taun I stay kat situ, eventhough a bit crowded tapi senang nak ke mana2. Nak ke KL dekat, ke PJ/Shah Alam pun dekat. Huhmm..

(*currently listening to Jangan Bersedih Lagi by Anuar Zain)

Hari ni pun boring gak kat opis nih.. Bos kecik ngan bos besar tak der.. Kak Mas pun cuti seminggu..pindah umah. Around 11a.m kuar pegi beli barang untuk our Hi-Tea di KL Tower Revolving Restaurant on the 10 July 2002. Kul 3 lebih baru balik.. Kekekeke best gak ngular sekali sekala..
Vote for Anuar Zain for best male vocal, best song (pop), best video clip and best duo/group for Anugerah Era 2004.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Saturday Night!!

It's saturday night again and i'm listening to Kaulah Segalanya sung by Ruth Sahanaya and of course my abang, Abg Nuar!! during the AIM 2004.

Malunyaa!! at first ingatkan malam ni kat Starlight Cinema ada LOTR trilogy I-III, ghope-ghopenyer next week.. mlm ni ada Troy ngan The Last Samurai.. dah alang2 sampai ke situ trus jer aku ngan Kak Ma n Senna ke Sri Hartamas. Ingatkan nak ke Uncle Don, tapi manusia punyala ghamai tak der parking yg tak berbayar so pusing seround trus jer pegi ke Bangsar minum kat Akhbar (mamak kat Bangsar lama). pas minum pusing2 KL jap cuci mata skeett..

mak aii... banyaknyer road block. kat bangsar ada 2 kat brickfield 1, pas tu kat jln TAR ada 2 kat KLCC ada 1.. habih mat-mat rempit tu kena tahan padan muka!!! risau jer aku kalau diorang tu ada, bukannya dia pedulik pun lampu merah ker, hijau, biru, kuning ker.. selamba jer dia blasah.

biasak la kat Jalan Sultan Ismail, kalau malam minggu mesti jam punyala.. nasib baik aku dah makan kalau tak terpaksa la aku bawak roti makan ngan jam. jam tu ok tapi yg tak tahan tu mamat-mamat yg kat dlm keta sebelah menyebelah tuh.. dah la muka bapak orang pas tu cam best jer tgk2 tgk orang.. kalau tgk biasa tak per gak tapi ni dah kira oggling/leering.. geli gak aku nengoknyer.

letihnyer aku.. petang tadi abih kejer jer pegi jln TAR, neman mak cik Nik tu beli kain nak buat baju, pas tu pegi umah kak su lak Bandar tun Hussin Onn.. penat oo balik pun dah dekat kul 9.

hai.. khusyuk nampak Kak Ma n Senna tgk bola.. Orange lawan Sweden. Best la si Senna tu pasukan yg dia tak suka semua dah out termasukla pasukan favourite dia Azure (Italy).. opss Sweden lom kuar lagi.

Alamak sleepy already la.. hmm nak tido ler.. besok nak bangun tgk Dragon Ball lak.. kuakuakua..


Friday, June 25, 2004


finally.. pc aku dah sihat dah.. window aku asyik problem jer.. tapi munkin gak pc aku ni dah nak expired kot... jap lagi nak download video clip anuar zain.. hehehehe.. apapun sblm diorang delete videoclip tu lebih baik aku download dulu.

korang suka tgk citer cina tak?? aku ni balik opis jer mesti tercongok depan TV dari kul 6 sampai la kul 8.. hampeh tul.. citer asyik best jer.
(Currently watching A Step Into the Past & Taiji Prodigy)Abang Botak aku lak berlakon (Dicky Cheung Wai Kin) so terpaksa la aku


baru kul 10a.m dah ngantuk.. cemana ni? bukannya tengok pun bola smlm (England vs Portugal, England kalah 5:6) tapi ada la jugak terjaga tgh mlm biasak la housemate tgk bola kan.. tambahan pulak diorang punya fav team kalah smlm.. kuakuakua padan muka..

hai.. merdunyer suara abng aku ni (currenly listening to Jangan Bersedih lagi by Anuar Zain @ Abg Nuar)..mmmuuaahh!! bestnyer bila bos2 aku tak der, sorang cuti sorang pegi convention kat Australia. biasa la bila kucing-kucing tak der, tikus-tikus pun panjang ler kaki.. hmmm.. nak ke mana yer aku hari ni?? ras cam nak ke KLCC jer.
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