Friday, September 30, 2005

Ngular.. ngular!!

Ini ler keja aku ari ni.. ngular!!! hehehehe.. mentang-mentang la Abu Loo tak der kat opis apa lagi.. ngular ler keje aku.. tapi jgn salah paham. Aku dah mintak time off dari dia tau. Right now, I'm searching for new skin for my blog. Dah buhsan dengan skin lama. oh lupa lak.. ni sesambil jer.. aku mintak time off untuk menservicekan kereta aku tu.. maklumla besok aku nak ke Kuantan.

Amboi.. gumbira betul department2 lain kat tempat aku, maklumla bonus masuk ari ni. Kitorang jugak la lambat dapat. Orang lain dah berjoli katak.. kitorang baru dapat. All the romours have been confirmed. It's slightly, well actually it's 25% lower than last year.. huhuhu.. pelamin anganku musnah!! Still it's quite ok. Anyway, have to adjust my budgeting..

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


38 staff have been promoted this round!! There have been some discontent among the staff on the promotion of staff. Many of them are actually due for promotion but the problem is from the HR. Not enough place for promotion. Anyway, I'm sure those people are very happy about this. My ears can only take so much complaints and whining. Come on la.. you're not the only one due for promotion.

Anyway, promotion is the time for makan.. hehehe.. makan free sokmo. Orang promotion blanja la.

Just received something wonderful!! Now I can smile till my face cramp.. hehehe!!

Buka Puasa Bersama Anuar!!

Confirmed!! Berbuka puasa bersama Anuar Zain di Lanai Gurney, Jalan Bukit Keramat. 8 October 2005.

Tapi kali ni seramai 62 fans dia yang hadir, tak macam dulu kat Top Hat, x-clusive skeet. Cuma 18 orang jer..

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Katrina & Rita

Nice names but very deadly. Come to think of it. Why did they always named anything catastrophic with women’s' name?? Are we that temperamental?

Anyway, is this a sign to Bush to stop meddling in anybody's business but his? Personally, I think this is a cash payment from God for all his doing to our Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world. For inflicting fears and misconceptions on Muslims and Islam among the people of the world.

Monday, September 26, 2005


I'm going to Kuantan this coming Friday. To visit Nad and her gang.. hehehehe.. tak sambar nak tengok twins dier..

Bulan puasa dah dekat.. bonus pun tak dengar citer.. alamak.. dah la nak mengantor duit kat kampung nih..

Buka puasa ngan Anuar Zain??!! ntah jadi ntah tidak..

Friday, September 23, 2005


Lovers in Paris

Currently aired at NTV7

What is the drama about? In my humble opinion, it is about love. Love between a man (Ki-Joo) and woman (Tae-Young), love between uncle (Ki-Joo) and nephew (Soo-Hyuk) and love or in this case, lack of, between mother (Ki-Hae) and son (Soo-Hyuk).

Where to begin? I think this drama works first and foremost because of the chemistry between the leads, Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun. They also look so good together. I can believe that Han Ki-Joo (Park Shin Yang) and Kang Tae-Young (Kim Jung Eun) do meet and fall in love despite their different personalities. I can believe that their love is so strong that they continued with their relationship despite family objections and guilt from hurting Ki-Joo's beloved nephew (who is also in love with Tae-Young). It is of course thanks to a highly amusing and clever script that the scenes between the two are so funny and real. Unlike most other Korean dramas where the couple could be engaged and are so reserved with each other, it is difficult to imagine them being in love, Ki-Joo and Tae-Young do hold hands, hug and kiss (twice even). They also tease each other and have fun together, just as a real couple would

The script is incredibly refreshing with a good amount of humour in it. I have never laughed as much with any other dramas. The story itself may not be original but the writers injected the script with enough humour, meaning and emotions (without going over-the-top) to make it new . Although it got soppy at times, there were a lot more laugh-out-loud moments. Such as when Tae-Young loses a bet with Ki-Joo and has to fulfill three of his wishes. His last wish was for her to spend the night and looking shy, she refuses, then she cracks a smile and say "is that what you think I would say; do you know how long I have been waiting for you to ask me!" And that is perhaps the best insight into Tae-Young's character. In her, the writers have created someone who is spunky, unafraid, cheerful, warm-hearted and steadfast in her love and devotion to Ki-Joo. When threatened by Moon Yoon-Ah (the woman chosen for Ki-Joo by his father) to stay away from Ki-Joo, Tae-Young stood up to her and told her off. Again, not done in most dramas where the sweet, long-suffering heroine would cower under similar threats. So, hurray for girl power. (WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD)

Unfortunately, towards the end of the show, Tae-Young's spunk deserts her and she breaks up with Ki-Joo for the most absurd reason, even despite his assurances once he learns of the "big secret" (which really wasn't such a big deal). And depending on your interpretation of her reasons for returning to Paris without Ki-Joo, you could surmise that she either got her courage back (wants to continue her studies to fulfill her dreams) or not (running away because she couldn't face up to what happened to Soo-Hyuk). I personally saw it as the latter. If she had wanted to fulfill her dreams of being a writer, she could have done so without breaking up with Ki-Joo (although they declared their love for each other, they left it up to fate to decide if they would meet again in the future - he said he would find her but it didn't really look like he put much effort into it)

I would like to take a moment to commend the lead actors for their outstanding work. I did not know Park Shin Yang, not having seen any of his work before, but I am now a fan. He successfully conveyed the emotions carefully hidden beneath the arrogant and self-assured Ki-Joo, often times accomplishing this with just a look or a change in expression. Kim Jung Eun I had seen in "All About Eve" and she could not be more different as Tae-Young. She definitely has a flair for comedy. Lee Dong Gun was at his best when his Soo-Hyuk was most vulnerable. And my heart went out to Soo-Hyuk at the end when he stood alone crying. I have to also mention the young actor who played Tae-Young's cousin, Keon. He was so natural and each time he cried, it felt so real. He has tremendous potential.

After investing so much emotion in the love affair between Ki-Joo and Tae-Young, I was very disappointed with the ending. Although I can understand the desire by the writers to do something different and give the audience a surprise, I nonetheless felt cheated. I suppose I am one of those who wants no surprises at the end with a neat and definite ending, preferably a happy one

Overall though, I think this is one of the best and most charming Korean dramas made to date. You will smile and laugh when Ki-Joo and Tae-Young are on screen together, shed a tear or two for Soo-Hyuk's unrequited love, glower at the "bad" guys plotting their schemes and shed more tears when Ki-Joo and Tae-Young have to part. It is simply story telling at its best.
Credit to Lovekdrama, spcnet review.

May I Love You - Yurisangja

The door opens,
You come in,
I knew it was you,
You walk to me and show your face,
It is so beautiful.

It looks familiar,
My heart is beating,
You have taken my heart.

I will tell you now,
I will be brave,
May I love you now?
This is my first time,
I don't want to miss it,
Love has arrived,
I will do the very best.

It looks familiar,
My heart is beating,
You have taken my heart.

There were so many cries and tears,
But I finally met you,
May I love you now?

This is my first time,
I don't want to miss it,
May I love you?

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Going to do something crazy!! Ask me no question and I will tell you no lies.


Nad's Twins


Apa kene mengena lak tajuk futsal ngan gambar nih?? Banyak connectionnyer.

10.09.2005, konon-kononnyer nak pegi main futsal la, after being pestered by Zilan and Aris, I finally agreed to go for futsal training at Galaxy Sports Complex, Ampang. So, went there after 5pm, (janji kul 5 ptg, biasal janji melayu) Kak Yati, Fiza, Sudeman, Monzar, Rizal, Zamri, Sharifuddin.. who else?? can't remember.. they were already there. But where the heck is Zilan and Aris?? Called Aris, he said he couldn't make it coz his in laws were at his house, called Zilan but could not reached him. After 6 pm, we left the place and headed to Ampang Point. We played bowling
there, me, Monzar, Kak Yati, Fiza and Nora. Hampess!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Today, I finally submitted my transfer form. It's an internal transfer within Audit. Well.. the thing is.. I don't think that I really need to submit the form cause from what Kak Mas informed me this morning, apparently, Walter had called Kak Mas and told her that the services side will reduced its staff and our units will consist of Section head, 1 Exec and 1 Clerk. And he informed that it will be effective as soon as I transfer out to Domestic Operations. Well.. I haven't submit my transfer form yet..

This is not a new thing. Ever since I attended the course Effective Internal Audit, the Big Boss did said something about me being in Services side and he had told both my boss about it and walla.. I'll be transferred out.. When?? Where?? Just wait and see.

Merdeka!! (Part II)

Dataran Merdeka
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