Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Kali ni aku sambut merdeka kat Puduraya. Waiting for my bus to come. Balik kampong beb!!. Anyway, managed to catched a few pics of fireworks dspalyed. I think from Dataran Merdeka and StarHill.

Bukit Bintang (StarHill)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dinner Pics!!

What the hell am I doing?? Can't remember.. oh yaa.. waiting for my turn to sing. Apa la pak cik Zilan tu nyanyi??

Me, Jenny, Lim Chee Kong and Nurul Azuwa

Me, Jenny, Karen and Nur Amira

Me and Jenny

Monday, August 29, 2005


Aku tanak nyanyi!! It's not that I cannot sing but very the nervous. I never sing in front of so many people. Ngeri beb.

Anyway, we (the committee members) went to Bangsar around 11 am and started to decorated the place with balloons and ribbons. Actually, none of us really knew what to do.. hehehehe.. blasah jer la. Zilan was helping his fren setting up the karaoke set. Kar tchey was sticking the balloons and ribbons (takut belon pecah mak cik - mak cik nih), Ibrahim and Neezar were filling the balloons with air... everybody was BZ!! around 2 pm, everybody started to go back but I stayed until close to 4 pm with Zilan and we ended up having lunch around 4 pm. Went to Kak Ma's house and got dressed and went back to Bangsar around 6.45 pm.

We started a bit late around 8.30 pm. My boss, Mr. Loo was the MC for the dinner. Neezar was suppose to be his co MC but he was a bit late so Mr. Loo started alone. Opening speech by Mr. Gay and followed by Encik Hazimi, my big boss and the dinner started around 8.45 pm. After that, we have the karaoke sessions and also lucky draws. I sung second last and siott tul.. Ronnie and the gang turned me into a guinea pig - trying to somebody else's expression when they carried out the experiment. They get a few stalks of flowers and ask the big boss to give it to me. And he did on bended knee, gave me the flowers. Apa lagi riuh rendah kat dalam dewan tu. malu siott!! Boss lak terlebih sporting. But I don't think anybody managed to capture the scene coz nobody actually expect him to do that!! I've been teased like hell today in the office. Cess!!

It's a bit dissapointing coz many people did not turned up and we have to close down 5 tables. Most probably becoz of the venue. Ya la nak dinner kat hotel ajer. Tapi nak murah, sedap, senang dan grand. Apa kejadahnya semua ni?? But most auditors that came were quite surprise on the ambience of the restaurant. The old restaurant is a bit run down so they did not expect the banquet hall to be grand and hotellike. And some of them commented that the decorations were good... hehehe macam bagus jer. Diorang siap ingat pihak restaurant yang decorate. Cess tak patut betul. Yang tak tahan lagi tu, ada lak yang datang pakai jeans ngan T-shirt. Aku rasa macam nak pancung jer kepala sekor2. Tak paham bahasa ker tak tau baca?? Glampess!!

Pakaian malam tu tak der la glamer. Most of the guys opt for smart casual, slacks and shirts got a few adorned suits and the ladies varies from cheogsam to evening gown.. moderately glamour. Here's a peek of the dinner on the 27 August 2005.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Today is the day that we're gonna have our department dinner. Got lots of work today and will update later!! Gotta to go to Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant to decorate the place. Cioww!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Apa Kes??!!

I'm tired, I'm cranky and I really feel like biting somebody's head off.. Apa hal la derang ni.. ingat nak sangat ker aku jadi one of the Committee members untuk dinner nih. Susah bebenor nak dapatkan cooperation. Dah la tak dapat satu sen pun ni asyik nak nyakitkan hati yo kojonyo. Orang dah tolong arrangekan pun dah kira besar rahmat dah. Kang mogok kang hampeh lak KPI aku. Susah betul!! Yang mengomplen satu hal, yang nyusahkan hidup orang satu hal, yang suka tanya soalan bodoh pun satu hal..ala tanak datang sudah la banyak cekadak lak.. kang aku sontot lobang hidung ko kang, kena sinus lak sepanjang hayat!!! Betul la cakap bos aku..auditor ni derang ingat derang terrer dan besar kepala.. (bukan semua la) malas betulla nak layan.. hilang dah mood aku..

aku ni dah la bermasalah susah nak tido ditambah lak ngan tensen ngan bebudak nih.. hampes kelapa betul la

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Penat!! I'm so tired.. I had the "cannot sleep" spell again. Not that I cannot sleep, but I'm not having a qulity sleep. I always wake up at 4 am. It's so frustrating.

Ronnie, Nora and I went to Times Square. It was raining and the roads were jammed. I fell asleep in the car. Best siott!! Eventhough it was only 10 minutes but it felt great. We arrived there around 7 pm. Had our dinner at Pizza Uno and went to the Borders Bookstore. The bookstore is the largest bookstore in Malaysia. initially, we want to buy some books for the lucky draws but come to think of it, if the clerks got the book.. for sure they will complain. Anyway we bought some stuff at the Yves Rocher store.

I got back around 11. Penat siott!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Yesterday, went to KLCC with Nora Unnie. Initially I wanted to buy the red blouse for the dinner but no size maa.. tensen!! Anyway, Nora Unnie wanted to buy a pair of shoes but she's more keen on Marie Claire's shoes. Anyway, we have our dinner at Nando's and I decided to follow her to KL Sentral. Usually, there are some stalls/kiosk selling clothes, those urban style etc. I ended up buying a dress.. well it's not exactly a dress.. I don't even know what it's called.. what the heck!! I'll show you guys the pic later. Finally...!! The quest of finding a nice dress is really nerves racking. The dress is for the department's dinner this weekend. It's black, it's sheer and it got some white flowers embroideries on it and it falls on knee length. It was a risky choice since I am you know.. short and chubby. We'll see how it goes. I'll wear with a white pants.

I got back around 9 pm and Dd picked me up at the lrt station. We went for a drinks near our house. Dd stays at block 2 and I'm at block 3. This is the first time we meet since I knew him through the net about a year ago.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Friday evening, me, Kar Tchey (Ronnie), Kak Rap, Nurul, Pinie and Munie go to karaoke.. Girls nite out la katakan. Kak Rap wanted to practice for the dinner.. she's going to sing that nite. Well I was suppose to sing too.. tensen.. the girls opt for me to sing Pulangkan by Misha omar which is the soundtrack for the film "Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam". See la how.

Weekend baru ni bz la pulak aku. My nephew.. well not really my nephew but he's the son of my cousin, he went for a kenduri in Johor and switch his car with mine. So, I drive his kancil (mind you.. that was the first time I drove other than my car). Picked up Munie and the 4 of us, me, Mimie, Pinie and Munie went to Giant, Shah Alam. I called Emi and we meet up. Bought some electrical goods for the lucky draws, went out for dinner and then went lepaking at Emi's house in TTDI Jaya. Around 11 something, we went to Gazebo and have a drink over there and headed back home.

On Sunday, we were suppose to go to Cavenzi in Balakong but Nomi couldn't make it and I ended going to Ampang Point with Pinie. We were looking for Homelife Store but apparently it was closed. Pinie ended up buying the L shape sofa and the dining table at the Furniture Ampang. After that, we went to IKEA. I don't really understand why people go crazy about IKEA, I mean.. okla.. certain things are good.. can really save space and some are cute and nice but overall, I think better to buy somewhere else. If you said that the furnitures are durable, you can get at other places with almost half the price. For me what IKEA is selling is the brand and of course they're really good in marketing with superb display and layout.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Yesterday I became a rescuer. Hehehe.. rescuing damsel in distress. It was quite funny actually. I was lepaking in front of my TV..resting after i got back from work. Anyway.. Nomi called me just before 7pm.. and it was a distressed call. She was locked in her room and she's all alone at home cause her mom went for a course nad her dad is in Kelantan and her brother has moved out of the house. Luckily she brought her handbag into the room with her and she had reload her prepaid phone, if not.. I'm not sure for how long she will be trapped inside her room.

She tossed her keys outside the window and I went to her room and tried to open it from the outside. The door knob was broken.. after I called Nora and she advised me to get rid of the door knob. Hehehehe.. I used the 'lesung batu' from the kitchen to knoc the door knob and jeng jeng jeng.. the damsel was rescued at last. Hehehehe..

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Burpp!!! Hehehehe...

This afternoon, the 9 of us, Me, Zilan, tai kar tchea (Ronnie), Lillian, Mr. Peter Tan, Karen, Kak Nalee, Mr. Gay and Mr. Wong went to Bangsar Seafood Village at One Bangsar for food testing. We're gonna have our Dinner on August 28. It's gonna be a chinese course dinner. we're gonna have the 4 platters, shark's fin and crab meat soup, almond chicken (it's a 2 side dish.. they have the boneless chicken and paste it with fish and almond, cod fish which is very delicious!!, prawns.. buttered prawn and sweet sour prawns, sea cucumber with beancurd, scallops, mushroom and broccoli, seafood fried rice and finished it with dessert, hot and cold cakes and i don;t really remember what they called it but it's iced with longan and sea coconut. Man!! those dished were really awesome especially the cod fish.. coming from me, it was really good cause I don't really like fish.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I've done a bit of changes to my blog. As you can see, I've put a bit of photos and also links on the sidebar. Just got into office today.. bosannyer.. so today malas kejer.. coz Kak Mas's back already from maternity leave and I decided today is my rest day!!! hahahaha and also because my boss is not in today.. hahahaha

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Demam... aku rasa lagi seround kena mandi bunga la.. hari tu dah sakit lutut.. lutut bengkak beb.. actually urat or muscle kat belakang lutut yang bengkak/keras.. effect dia sampai ke lutut ler. Nak naik/turun tangga pun susah beb.. tensen aku (Fav words) Pindah umah lagi. Penat kat FRIM pun tak habis dah pindah umah.. sebenornyer bukan aku yang ngangkat barang pun. Aku angkat yang kecik-kecik jer, yang besor-besor sumuanya si Apeng yang angkat and Omar too (My sis's bopren). Thanx a bunch to them.. Muaahhh!! Tapi disebabkan cuaca yang panas.. aku jadik ulcer kat lidah.. seksa beb, nak makan, nak minum, nak cakap pun susah.. pas tu demam lak.. dah MC hari Khamis lepas, hari Jumaat cuti sebab Khamis malam balik kampung.

Bestnyer balik kampung.. sian si Jaja, pukul 4 pagi kena ngambik aku kat stesen bas.. walaupun demam, aku nak jugak pi Padang Besar. Hamboi si Zeti nih, patutler semangat nak hantar aku balik sampai ke umah, rupa-rupanya mak dia belikan dia keta Kancil. Time mana si Zeti sampai kat umah Jaja aku pun tak sure tapi aku buat cam umah sendiri lak bangun lambat... heheheh.. nak kata apa.. aku kan tak sihat, Jaja pun tak sampai hati nak kejut aku awai-awai.. Lepas mandi aku pun buat muka toya keluaq bilik. Mak Jaja tengah tengok ASTRO, layan kejap mak dia pas tu breakfast nasi lemak.. sedap!!

Bertolak ke Padang Besaq. nasib baik pi hari Jumaat kalau weekend, kena cekik darah la jugak. Anyway, aku beli bag.. biasakla beli yang besau sikit supaya aku bleh sumbat macam-macam kat dalam tu. Aku beli untuk pakai pi opis tau.. tapi memang besau ler. Tengahari makan kat gerai no 5. Sedap giloss kat situ. Makan nasi ngan tom yam campur (wallaaa!!), telur bungkus (mabless!!) dan kailan ikan masin.. yum yum yum. Jaja makan mee sup siam..pun sodapp.

Sampai umah pun dah petang.. abah tengah melepak ngan kengkawan dier kat porch, mak lak bersidang kat bilik menjahit dier ler.. aku dari dalam keta lagi dah tak brapa boleh nak bukak mata dah. Demam ku datang balik.
Hari Sabtu aku lepak umah jer.. tidor seharian. Makan ikan pari bakar cecah air asam ngan sambal petai udang.. uishh nikmat tul.

Hari Ahad balik kl. Flight delay plak sejam, kalau ikut jadual tu kul 7.30 pm tapi flight berlepas kul 8.30 pm. hampess..

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ahh... this is life!!

Semalam cuti.. bestnyerr!! tapi still rasa tak rest lagi.. malam besok balik kampong.. apa pun ini ada lagi gambor-gambor citer Full House curtesy of qtbeautygirl.. citer paling best selepas citer Meteor Garden lakonan F4 dan Barbie Hsu

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