Saturday, October 29, 2005

Balik Kampung

Balik Kampung... oooo balik kampung..

Tomorrow, me and my sis will go back to Kedah.. Yahoo!! Hotmail!! We'll be celebrating Hari Raya Aidil Fitri with our family in Kedah.. Tapi yg tak best nyer aku yg drive.. hampess.

So I will not be updating anything for 1 week.. Adios..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Friday, October 28, 2005

I',m backk!!!

Uihh.. sadistik betuii aku bulan posa nih.. dah la awai-awai dah bendera jepun.. tengah-tengah lak kena chicken pox terus tak leh posa sebab nak makan ubat.. dapat la aku MC 9 hari. keboringan tahap cipan aku kat umah.. apa lagi layan VCD jer la keja aku. tengok cita 18 vs 29 (Korean), ulang citer Mukodono n Mukodono 2003 (Jepun), Teasing Kiss (Jepun), Arahan (Korean) banyak lagi la..

Friday, October 14, 2005


No!!! My boss is going to tender his resignation today!! He called us (me and Kak Mas) into the meeting room and told us that he is going to give one month notice and his last day would be November 14, 2005. Then, the rumours that our unit will be merged with Admin and Secretariat and headed by Karen must be true. Arghh!! this is the worst news that I have this year. With Kak Mas waiting to be transferred out, I will be all alone here.. My boss is chinese, big man with big heart. He is the best boss ever. He didn't really care what you do as long as you finish your job. He had passed his legal exam and will start the legal practice this coming December in Brickfileds.

For those who really knows me, then they will know that one thing that I really hate is changes. I guess I'm a formatted person like Apeng too.. hahahaha.. I really shocked myself when I send the transfer form before. I guess Encik Hazimi didn't know about this yet. I'm sot sure if he's in the office or not.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sinar Ramadhan Bersama Anuar Zain 2005... Lagi pics

Tetiba jer meja aku lak jadik tumpuan.. Sapa artis nih??

Group pic.. ada yang tertinggal ker??

Rendition of Munkin

Makan time.. Tak perasan lak sebelah aku tuh Anuar.. hehehe

Bak kata Abg Jinggo.. Journalists and Photographers

All the pictures xclusively by Abang Jinggo.. Thanx for letting me use the pics.. ah cunnya!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Sinar Ramadhan Bersama Anuar Zain 2005

Sinar Ramadhan Bersama Anuar Zain 2005

Pepagi lagi dah kena sound ngan big boss!! Adus!!

Here's a glimpse of what went on at Sinar Ramadhan Bersama Anuar Zain. A few things happened but no need to write much. Certain things better left unsaid.

Today is the day that we will berbuka puasa with Anuar Zain. For those who don't know who Anuar Zain is.. well.. he is the best Malay Male Singer in Malaysia and don't forget.. handsome and sweet..

I arrived at the Lanai Gurney Corporate Suite around 6.30pm. Mak aii.. tak penah ku sampai di sini.. nasib baik jumpa tempat ni. Our venue is at the roof top. Nice view!! you can see KL but don't look down couse you can see Kg Datuk Keramat which is not so nice view. I met new frens like Suzy, Epy, Kak Belle, Shee, Ina and few more as well as those that i knew way back at the Top Hat Restaurant like Amie, Azmi, Baby, Diana, Hawa, Shida and a few more that I couldn't remember their names. Oh ya.. Shah was there too.. He's the owner of

AZ arrived a few minutes before 7pm and he was greeted with some over enthusiasted fans.. Gaya macam YB plak.. hehehe.. He went from table to table to greet all 40 over fans. And as always, he was nice and sweet with genuine smiles on his face. After berbuka, he went for prayer. After that he gave a speach and sang the song Munkin. He, then, went from table to table again for autograph and cit cat sessions with all of us. Bergambar lagi. Kiera said that he's the type of person who couldn't say no to his fans and it ended up him being at the fans' table for a while. Terpaksa la pulak si Izam yg jadik bodyguard cum penjaga masa.. Thanks a lot Izam.

Kesian Anuar untill 11pm pun masih tak rest lagi. Kesian lagi tengok Shee. Tak makan pun sebab terlampau penat cuma minum jer. Dah la kurus. hehehe. Lagi kesian sebab urusetia tak der table, tak berkesempatan nak duduk semeja ngan AZ. At last Shee and the gang get to sat down with him. He expressed his thanks to Shee and the gang for their hardwork and maybe.. maybe there will be another one coming after raya. Hopefully, it will not clash with my plan.

I gave him, the present that I bought for him and bergambar lagi... muahahaha.. and then I send baby to KL Sentral and went back home.

They say pictures speaks a thousand words.. need i say more?? enjoy the pictures.. opss!! I forgot to turn on the red eye reduction so bear with me the pictures with red eye that is untill my pc is okay and I can edit the pictures.

Gaya YB

Izam, si hantu lilin.. hehehehe


Our table

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Trip Kuantan- Kemaman

Makan Time

Interior Hai Peng Kopitiam

Kemain Lagi Bebudak ni Melantan

Kopi dan Roti Bakar

Monday, October 03, 2005

Kuantan (01 - 02 October 2005)

Last weekend, me, Pinie and Anne went to Kuantan. Originally, we wanted to go on Friday Night but Anne's dad was a bit worried all the 3 of us 'anak dara' travelling at nigh to Kuantan. It's different travelling from KL to Kuantan at night compare to travelling to the northern region at night. One thing, the PLUS highway is way better than the Highway to Kuantan and it's not very dark with lots of cars and housing areas.

Anyway, we arrived in Cherating around 1pm. After resting for a while, we went out for our lunch. Mind you, we had our lunch at 4 pm at Kemaman, eating Sata, Otak-otak and also Keropok Lekor. We were quite hungry coz we had our breakfast around 8 am.. yummy, nasik lemak ayam at Wangsa Maju or is ist Melawati.. well.. nevermind that. After that, we went to Kuantan. The real reason I wanted to go to Kuantan is to visit Nad and her twin daughters. But she's not at home, went to a kenduri with her husband. We arrived at Cherating around 1pm. After resting for a while and watched TV, we decided to have our late lunch in Kemaman, we had Sata, Otak-Otak and Keropok Lekor. After that straight away to Kuantan and since Nad's and her husband went to Balok we lepak first at the Kopitiam.

Around 7.30pm, we headed to Nad'd house.. guess what??!! Sesat beb sampai ke Gambang.. siot tull.. We turned back and went to Tanjung Lumpur. We had our dinner at a small stall. I asked Anne is that the place where the BM brough them last time? sebab tak der orang pun. As soon as we parked our car, people started to arrived at the stall.. er.. okay.. i guessed it was the right place lah.. We orderd Udang/Ketam masak pedas, Ikan sebelah bakar dan sup sayur. Punya la banyak udang yg derang pilih dah la besar-besar. Anyway, we managed to finished everything. Memang buruk lantak betul la. memang la kitorang order tu tak banyak variety tapi bayangkan derang ambik udang tu sekilo. Tapi wa cakap lu, memang sedap gilos.. the best seafood ever!! yummy!! yummy!! Lepas tu terus jer balik tido.

We had our Brunch at the famous Hai Peng Kopitiam in Kemaman Town. The roads are very confusing, one way and a stupid traffic lights that causes jammed. Cess hampess!!. I had the roti bakar and kopi as well as nasik lemak. Itu pun sodap. If you go to Kemaman, do stop by at the kopitiam, it was a great place to have Kopi.. I gave 10 stars for the Kopi. Went to Kuala Kemaman and bought some keropok and after that we went to Nad's house. Guess what??!! We sesat again!!! Arghh!!! Tensen!! and still arrived at Gambang. The same place. I'm telling you guys, we were cursed!! I took the highway from Gambang and Exit at Kuantan and then to Nad's house. hehehehe.. Lamanya tak jumpa Nad. Her twins were sleeping and she woked them up. Hampes betul mak derang nih.. hehehehe jangan mare yer Nad!!.. Cute little kiddies, tapi memang sebijik muka Razali.. hehehe.. But we did not stopped long at her house. Around 4 pm we headed back to KL and arrived around 6.30pm. Not bad.. It was a bit jam not far from the Gombak toll.. Biasakla, bukak satu lane saja kan. pas tu siap ada accident lagi, motor dengan lori.. nauzubillah. mintaklah dijauhkan dari kitorang.
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