Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Kak Mas said that my name has went up on the last meeting. Now, all I have to do is wait.. oh yaa.. I did ask Mr. Walter on this matter and he has confirmed, but they have not decided on when or where to release me..

Let's just say that I'm not that keen on transferring to the 'other side' but that pak cik downstairs has made some noises since February this year and made me tender my transfer form.. (hehehe I'm putting all the blames on him).. Mr. Walter said the same things to.

It's true, the money is good and you get to travel (which I love).. well .. provided that I will be transferred to the right section.. but to adapt to a new environment is a bit scary for me..

What I can do is hope for the best!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Info :

For those who tried to excess the links to the novels... sori aaa.. I dunno what happened, but the links doesn't seem to work.. will try to amend it later..


This week will be hectic. 4 courses in 5 days. Between me and Kak Mas will be busy between Menara and Dataran. One of us must be in the office and the other to supervise the running of the course. There’s a bit of hiccup today.. but luckily the big boss wasn’t around.. we’ll be beheaded if he was around.. scary movie beb. Hehehe..

Going to Low Yatt today, Nora wanted to buy a notebook. Got to go.. lots of work piling up already

Friday, November 25, 2005

New Skin

Finally.. a new skin for my blog.. just an experiment.. nanti tukau lagi..


Love is Blind or are you stupid??

They said... Love Is Blind.. I guess to some extend it's true.. It must be so shining and blinding that made you overlook someone's fault. Your brain cannot comprehend the facts that the person got bad attitude or something...

Finally one of my best friend's going to get engaged this coming Sunday. He's a good guy but his girlfriend's a sourgrape. Huhmm.. I guess we'll be losing him to her. Why can't she be just a bit like Wawa. So what if she's didn't get into University. We're not looking down on her. If you lack of education it's okay, you could set it off by being nice... but no.. she need to be both.. lack of education and plain right rude. I guess I'm pissed off by what she said about Hanil's mother. Didn't she know how close he is with Hanil's family. Even nenek regards him as one of his grandson. It's not the first time that she made rude comments about people around him. Like what she said about Farah, me, wawa..

Things are changing and I don't think I like it. I'm losing friends one by one and at the office, people are moving out and about. This has really shaken me a bit. I like stability and security and this year has been full of changes and surprises. I hate this feeling.. like something's hanging above your head and you're not sure what it is or when it's gonna drop on you.

Well 2005 is almost over. What will be in store for me next year?? Is it good?? Is it bad?? I'm turning 29 next year. I need to make plans and also revised my list of things that I wanna do or to have.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Just got back to office yesterday.. got lots of work to do.. my boss on leave the whole weak so cannot apply for leave.. but still can't take leave next week coz we got a few courses line up at Dataran Mayban, Bangsar.

My trip was superb... way beyond my expectation. It was great..

Bought the new SG Wannabe album titled Classic Odyssey. It's a collection of old songs from 1978 - 1993. All songs were given new life and it sounded superb. Heard a song by a group M to M. They sounded a lot like SG Wannabe. And I watched Kwon Sang Woo's new Samsung Anycall commercial with Hyori and Eric. Mak aii ganaz jer nampak mamat tuh.. ngan rambut dier cenggitu..

Watched also Anycall School Attack.. featuring Shinwa.. hensem lak si Eric tu.. walaupun dalam Super Rookie tu punyala bongok.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yesterday was the last working day for my Section Head. He's been with the Bank for 24 1/2 years, starting from clerks and ended with being a Section Head for Knowledge Management and Development. He'll be starting his chambering with one lawyer firm in KL Sentral. We will always remember him as a person with a good heart, jovial nature and full of sense of humor. Oh one more thing... generous.. always belanja us starbucks and makan.. (Ginger, hotels, cakes etc).. hehehehe..

Kak Mas also will be leaving.. most probably middle of next month or latest by January. This time I will be all alone... tensen...

The D Day is nearing and hopefully... everything will work out for the best.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Gambar Raya

Me and Jaja

Me, Zeti and Jaja


Zeti and Dot

Zeti and Me

My Abah and Stepmom

My Sis (Mimi), Abah, Mom, Myself and Suhaibah

Abah and Mimi

Jaja and Me

Abah and Me

Saturday, November 12, 2005

dah lama gak tak tulis kat sini.. bukannya apa.. malas.. hehehehe.. I will update later..

Monday, November 07, 2005


First day working after a week lepak in Kedah.. Malasnyer nak kija...kat opis tak ramai orang.. aircond pun tak jalan.. panehh!!! penat pun tak hilang lagi..
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