Sunday, April 30, 2006


Pening!! bukan sebab pikirkan mender tapi memang pening kepala.. Perut rasa tak sedap, kepala rasa pening. A fren of mind dropped by at my house today. She's getting sexier. Can't really comprehend that she's the same person who sat next to me during our primary school. She's one of my close fren. Loud mouth but kind hearted. Take a while for a person to get use to her loud mouth. We rarely see each other even though she lives in Sentul and I'm in Pandan Indah, but I did went to her house every Hari Raya since her house's not far from my mom's cemetary.

I was okay this morning. I cleaned up my room, changed my bedsheet, did my washing, rearranged my wardrobe, had my shower and after that I felt dizzy. I lie down but couldn't open my eyes, every time I opened my eyes, the room keep spinning. Maybe all those tiredness from my work and all those functions finally crept on me. We went out for lunch which I may say really sucked. Tak sedap lansung!! Went back took panadols and slept through the afternoon. I did promise that I'll tell you guys about the family day. I'll take a raincheck on that.

Anugerah Industri Muzik - Kemuncak Segalanya

One word.. "BOSAN!!!'

boleh dikatakan dah mencapai tahap cipan dah kebosanan AIM tu.. patut tukau jer Kemuncak Segala Kebosanan..

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Nak gelak lebih-lebih kang tak sampai hati la pulak. Bukannya apa.. Section Head aku a.k.a boss kecik aku ni chinese lady, big size tapi dia putih merah.. kulit cun, gebu n flawless gitu. Anyway, aku bukannya nak gelak apa tapi bila aku balik dari breakfast saja atas meja ada buah mangga dengan cashew nut. Rupa-rupanya S (bukan nama sebenar) yang kasi. S is a midle age guy but in a different section. Yang bestnyer boss kecik aku ni pun mushkil apsal la si mamat tu suka benor datang bawak benda makan kat tempat aku nih. kekadang tu bawak buah avocado la, jajan la.. Pinie lak siap ngusik dia cakap si S tu suka ngan dia kot.. terus jer dia tak jadik makan.. hahahaha.. cian.. anyway, she's going to London next week for 2 weeks.

Nothing much happened.. except that we had a Team Building session - a.k.a Walking Treasure Hunt just behind our office @ Bukit Nanas and Bukit Ceylon on 25/4/06 and in the afternoon we had our quarterly staff meeting. Besoknya aku amik EL.. Penat oo.. dah la handle family day kat Seremban tu.. ngan sakit hati ngan orang ngan jadik drebar lagi.. pas tu jadik lak committee untuk Walking Treasure Hunt lagi.. Mak cik dah macam flat tyre dah ni..

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Just got back from Seremban.. we had our family day in Allson Klana Resort, Seremban. It turned out quite well even though not many people turned up.

We had a few activities like repelling, low ropes, flying fox and then we had lunch.. after lunch , a few of us.. me, Mike, Ngo Rit So, Anand, Kak Nik, Kak Zira and x-keroncong went and do the high ropes.. which is quite scary..

I'll tell you guys about it later.. now I'm sleepy.. need to ge some slee.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A letter to a friend!

Don't ask why I wrote this letter!!!

Dear friend,

How are you? I am fine but a little bit busy with my work. I know it has been a while since I last wrote a letter to you but as I mentioned earlier, I am a bit busy with my work and also with my classes. I was browsing through my old photos when suddenly I remembered that I have not shown you pictures from my last trip to Singapore.

Let me tell you all about the trip. I went to Johor Bahru with my friend right after office hour on Friday.. dated....We arrived in JB around 10 pm and checked in at Crystal Crowne Plaza Hotel where another 3 friends were waiting for us. The 5 of us will be going to Singapore the next morning. We chatted untill late at night catching up on old time.

The next morning, after breakfast, the five us headed towards the border.. After we have our passports checked by the custom officers, we took a bus which will take us across the strait of Tebrau to the island of Singapore. Unfortunately, one of us could not enter Singapore because his passport has alresy expired and the custom in Johor Bahru has overlooked the expiry date on his passport.

Anyway, the four us went to Orchard Road and spend our time browsing through the shops and theshopping complexes. We went to Hard Rock Cafe and I bought T shirts and souveniors. ..

Arghh.. malas la.. nak tulis surat nih.. ada yang nak kena blanja lebih dari Nando's nih.. wakakakaka...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Cool Blog!

Found this one interesting blog by a South Korean guy.. nickname Cold Noodle. He got a set of amazing pictures taken by him!! thought that you guys out there would like to visit his blog.. so here it is Cold Noodles Hope that he will let me add him to my blog.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Love, Life

Let’s love like we’ve never been hurt before

Let’s dance like no one is praising us

Let’s love like we’ve never been hurt before

Let’s sing like no one is listening to us

Let’s work like we don’t need money for it

Let’s live like today is the last day of our life

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Life's Like That??!!

Okla.. okla.. aku nak update la nih.. Uihh.. lamanya tak update blog. Sorry yer.. bz skeet semenjak dua menjak ni + pulak macam malas dan tak dak mood nak update. Apa aku nak cita ahh??

Crita pasal cuti hari Isnin baru ni.. Balik kg and Azima called nak kenenkan aku ngan mamat ni..

So, for the sake of Azima, I went out with him last night.. He works with KDN and attached to Bukit Aman. You can guess la his line of work..

How should I say it.. I don't think I want to go out with him again!! Drinking, constant whining ( yo!! you think you're the only one having problems in this world??!!), bragging (macam bagus!!), boring, he really likes to repeat his sentences over and over again (which is something that really irritates me), pushy pas tu konon macam ala-ala jiwang romantik karat.. aduh mak tensen!! Ada la ciri-ciri yg kat dalam 10+1 things I remain singles

All this while, we've heard about corruption and bribery and so on.. well.. I saw it all last night!! Hearing and seeing is different and for me it's totally unacceptable. The cards are in your hands and you are what you choose to be, don't put the blame on the environment or somebody else. Enough about that!! I'll post later.. no mood already!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon

7 perkara yang Sam Soon akan buat bila bercinta :

7. Berjalan berpegangan tangan sambil membeli belah

6. Mengambil gambar dengan telefon bimbit pas tu buat wallpaper

5. Makan bersama di atas keretepi ke Busan

4. Teman lelaki akan mengatakan Saranghe di hadapan penumpang keretapi

3. Ber ehem-ehem di dalam panggung wayang

2. Membeli couple ring

1. Memperkenalkan teman lelaki kepada keluarga (yg paling tough ni.. berpeluh-peluh si shamshikie..)

credit to soompi

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Secret's Out!!

What the heck am I doing?? I'm tired.. last night couldn't sleep, I think because I drank Mimi's nescafe..not to mentioned the housekeeping or rather officekeeping that I done with Wai Yin. Sakit pinggang mak cik. These 2 weeks been a bit hectic.. With the new structure being finally implemented, and I found myself reporting to 4 heads.. At least at the moment.

Today, I can breath a bit easier.. I just finished the BNM follow up and still got one more paper to go... sigh..!! bawak balik jer belum tentu buat lagi.. hehehhe.. malas la sebab nak kena buat costing analysis. Boss's a bit unhappy.. ya la budget dah tinggal ciput.. standard laa. Oh yaa.. I changed my song again.. She Is from My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. I like the music and melody very much..

The secret's out already so I guess most probably I can post a few pics taken from my last trip to.. hmmm.. should I or shouldn't I stated here.. Anyway, Pini's like flabbergaste when I showed her the pic of me and kawan abb@abc and she thought that we did a superimposed of our pics or something..!! hahahaha..

Ya la.. when we went for the trip, abb@abc is the only person who knew about it.. It was a great experienced. Trip yang tak dirancang. We just went to see the MATTA Fair last September and ended up buying flight tickets. It was crazy but in a nice and sorta scary.. We went to a country which only a handful of people know how to speak english.. More or less like Japan but less expensive. It was autumn and the lowest temperature was -2 celcius. I need to sleep..
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