Sunday, July 31, 2005

penatnyerrr!!! penat lagi.. tapi kali ni aku penat mengemas sebab dah nak pindah umah. It's been 5 years since i moved to to KL after my graduation and i've stayed here in Vista for the whole 5 years. Now, I've finally gonna start a new life somewhere else. Frankly, I don't think anything will change much except that I'll not share my room with my sis.. Yehaaa!!

wow.. it's already 3 o'clock and i'm still up.

Currently listening to soundtrack from the series Full House

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Cutenyer derang berdua ni

Ini ler poster yang kitorang tengok kat Korea ari tu.. Cantik la Song He Gyo ni.. masa dia berlakon Autumn In My Heart tu aku tak suka sangat. Maklumla citer lembabb walaupun Oppa yang berlakon.

a few more pics from the series.. Full House

Friday, July 29, 2005

Penatnyerr.. bukan penat sebab apa.. tapi penat tgk citer korea. Currently airing at 8TV is the latest korean drama (latest la jugak taun lepas) Full House lakonan Song He Gyo dan Bi/Rain. ni aku paste sinopsis dia kat bawah curtesy of
After coming back from a trip to China that her friends paid for, Han Ji Eun finds out that they did so only to sell her house while she was away. She returns and finds that the new owner of the house is none other than famous actor Lee Young Jae, whom she happened to meet on her trip. Circumstances bring Young Jae and Ji Eun into a marriage by contract, making them appear as a couple to the public. Under the terms of the contract, they will be married for 6 months while Ji Eun does all the housework. After 6 months, she will get the house back. Ji Eun finds herself falling for Young Jae, but he loves his childhood friend, Hae Won. Young Jae?s friend, Min Hyuk, also shows an interest in Ji Eun. Many interesting and amusing things happen to this ?couple? throughout their married life that bring them closer together, but will they really become a couple??
Citer ni memang menarik, funny.. first time tgk SHG berlakon citer klakor.. dulu masa tgk dia berlakon dalam Autumn In My Heart tu kurang minat la. Aku kan tak suka citer sedey. Tapi dalam citer ni memang klakr gila esp scenes dia ngan Bi ataupun dikenali jugak dengan nama Rain...
Kebestan citer ni memang tahap world la.. tapi semalam aku tak leh tengok coz right after our trip to FRIM, Me, Ronnie, Nora Unnie and Amy went to Ronnie's new place at Palm Spring @ Damansara. Nice Place.. The guy from the furniture store was suppose to be there at 7 but we waited until 8.30 still, haven't arrived.. so the 4 us had our dinner at Uptown and they send me home. By the time I arrived home it was already 11 pm. Tensen...!! Kena beli cd jugak nih nampaknya

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The drama begins with a scene in the 1970s. It is the annual Korean Record Competition. The hot favourite is Liang Mi Mi [Lee Hui Hyang], who is a singer for Lee Yong Chun [Ha Jae Young], the owner of the biggest record company in South Korea at the time.However, in a unscrupulous move, Sung Chun [Lee Jung Gil] plants cocaine in her house and sets her up, causing her to lose her award and prevents from ever stepping up the stage as a singer again. Lee Yong Chun, the manager of Liang Mi Mi, finds out that the scandal was all a delicate plot to frame Liang Mi Mi and confronts Sung Chun. In their agitation, the two get into a fight and Sung Chun hits Yong Chun’s head with the award tablet, killing him. To cover his tracks, he makes it look as if Yong Chun’s death was a car accident and got his subordinate to assist him in the cover up.

In the wake of Yong Chun’s death, Sung Chun assists the pregnant Jung Myung Ja [previously Yong Chun’s wife], in the pretence of helping his late buddy [Sung Chun and Yong Chun were supposedly buddies], but actually wants to take over Yong Chun’s record company. The na├»ve Myung Ja, pregnant with Song Jae [Ryu Shi Won], gratefully accepts his help and when Sung Chun’s wife passes away from an illness, he seizes the opportunity and remarries Myung Ja to take full control of Yong’s Chun’s record company. It is renamed Victory Records.

On seeing his father remarrying immediately after the death of his mother, Min Chul [Lee Byung Hun] confronts him and questions him about Song Jae’s family background and in a fit of anger, Yong Chun lies to him that Song Jae is his illegitimate child with Myung Ja. From here on, Min Chul dislikes Song Jae and his mother, Myung Ja, as somewhere in his heart, he never forgets how quickly his beloved mother was forgotten by his ungrateful father due to their appearence.

Meanwhile, Yeon Soo [Choi Ji Woo] and Se Na [Lee Jung Hyun] are both orphans living in a orphanage. Being orphans, they have no one to depend on but themselves, therefore after years of being together, they become as close as sisters. There is an incident within the orphanage when Sung Chun brings Song Jae along during Christmas. Song Jae accidentally bumps into Se Na and Yeon Soo as they are celebrating their birthday. [on Christmas day that is] Se Na wishes for a watch but doesn’t get it, on seeing this, Song Jae generously offers to give her his watch, Yeon Soo sees this but refuses to take it, eventually Song Jae gives it to her in exchange for a picture she drew: A picture of her and Se Na walking up to their dream house, a house with care and warm love.

Later on in the day, Se Na is scalded by hot water accidentally by Yeon Soo, and whilst being treated at the hospital, Song Jae sees how hard Yeon Soo cries for her and is very touched. They eventually separate but Song Jae can never forget the look on Yeon Soo’s face as Se Na was hurt and keeps the drawing given to him by her carefully. Yeon Soo, being the bigger of the two, eventually leaves the orphanage first as she finds work but before she departs, passes a ring [a gift left behind by her blood mother before she died. In her heart, she feels betrayed and promises to herself that she will never trust another person again.

Fast forward ten plus years, the once-adolescent Min Chul is now a degree holder from an established French Music Academy. He starts to take over the reign of Victory Records as the director of main operations. Yeon Soo, on the other hand, gets a job at Victory Records as a salegirl, in the hope that she can eventually climb up to a decent position, where she will be able to help Se Na achieve her childhood dream – to become a singer. Her first job is to catch a shoplifter from Victory’s shop. She does so, but realizes that the shoplifter is none other than Se Na.

All these years after being betrayed by Yeon Soo, Se Na had been living a wandering life. She still aspires to be a singer but because of her qualifications, she has to resort to underhand means to survive. Yeon Soo realizes this and feels extremely guilty and swears she will do anything now to help Se Na to become a singer to repay this debt. Meanwhile, Min Chul’s first encounter with Yeon Soo is when he requires her to act as a decoy to distract the media who is stalking one of Victory’s singer.

His second encounter with Yeon Soo is when she stops his sister, Min Zhi from disgracing herself when she tries to strip in front of a club. Yeon Soo sees Min Zhi in time and because of the fact that Min Zhi reminds her very much of Se Na [rash yet pitiful], she stops Min Zhi just in time. Eventually when Min Chul thanks her for her help, she is mistaken that he is the same boy to whom she gave a drawing to when she was young when she finds out that he is the son of Sung Chun [who has two sons: Min Chul & Song Jae]

He gives her a gift, a coat to which he says to her very romantically: “You cannot reject anything I give to you.” Min Chul loves her sister dearly and wishes for her to grow up in life. He realizes that she has a natural flair for drawing and upon realizing that Yeon Soo studied art in university, offers a deal: If Yeon Soo is willing to stay in his house and be Min Zhi’s teacher, he will allow Se Na to have a shot at becoming a singer. Yeon Soo considers and eventually decides to move into Min Chul’s house in return for Se Na having a shot at becoming a singer.

On the night where she is to move into Min Chul’s house, she bumps into Song Jae for the first time since his visit to the orphanage, but both of them do not know each other’s identity.

But through certain events, Song Jae finds out that Yeon Soo is the girl from the orphanage and shows her the picture he kept and she realizes she has been wrong all the time about Min Chul being the boy who visited the orphanage. After all these years, Song Jae has never forgotten Yeon Soo and wishes to pursue her. Alas, his elder brother Min Chul also finds himself falling in love with Yeon Soo unknowingly. Now, the two brothers fight for her affection and in turn unearths the dark secret of Sung Chun’s past...

Citer ni aku tengok ngan Pinie sampai pukul 2 pagi lebih.. menarik jugak.. rupa-rupanya mamat Lee Byung Hun tu ler yang si Nora minta tuh.. mamat muka pecah umah.. hehehe.. apa yang aku suka tentang citer nih?? well aku suka si mamat pecah umah ni sebab style berlagak.. i'm a sucker for kerek guys.. hahahaha

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Gosh!! It's been ages since i last post anything on my blog. Well my PC hampeh again and this month is one of the longest month of my life.. our financial year end and our appraisal.. scary sioott!! The new boss really turned our world upside down! And i'm busy being a committee member and we got 2 functions comning on, next week and next month.. with one of the kakak on maternity leave until end of next month.. left onlt me and my section head.. on top of that i had to packed my things.. i'm, moving out next week!!!
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