Sunday, January 03, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!! What's in store for me??!!

2009 was an eventful year for me. A year full of bittersweet memories. A year where I thought all my dreams will come true and yet everything came crashing to the ground. A year where I rise so high and I fell so hard. A year that taught me a very hard and painful lesson. But 2009 is also a year where I realised one of my dreams; to cruise the streets of Europe.

I couldn’t wait for 2009 to be over; so that I can finally look forward to a brighter 2010. It’s true, as a Muslim, I should have started with a new year according to our Islamic calendar. But, with 2009 finally behind me, I can finally face the world again. I’m tired of being angry, tired of being sad and tired of feeling sorry for myself. It’s time to put all that behind and get my life back.

2009 had really taught me a lot mostly about people. The good, the bad and the ugly side of it. I learnt that I need to trust my instinct, not to put 100% trust in people even when that person is your friend.

I won't curse that person, nor to wish him bad things, but I wish that he would come forward and clear things up.

I learnt that despite what happened, I can really count on my friends to reach out their hands to help me. To all of you, may Allah bless your life; always. But, there are also, a few people that I need their forgiveness and hope that in their heart they can forgive me and give me some time to make up to them.

I also met people, whom I hope I can call friends and partners. I learned from them that with all that happened, it is not the end of the world. To always be positive, to look for a brighter future, to be a team and that; with determination, efforts, teamwork and encouragement, I can finally be up on my feet again. May all you have a great year ahead.

But, it’s funny too, that I find allies with unexpected people. Couldn’t wait to see what will happen.

I pledge to myself, that 2010, will be a year where I will rise again. Come what may, I will face it without fear. There will be bumps and hiccups but I will strive and give my very best to fulfill my pledge. If other people can do it, why not me??!! I had nothing more to loose.

For others, 2010 will be welcomed with warm smiles and full of hope. But for me, 2010 will only means that I need to work harder and to be stronger than ever.

To all my chingu, thank you for your support! I will always pray for you and I hope I will be in your prayers too. Ganbatte ne….!! Hwaiting.. !! I'll leave you guys with a message that I've received on the last day of 2009.

Happiness keeps you sweet..
Trials keep you strong..
Sorrows keep you human..
Failures keep you humble..
Success keep you glowing..
But your own faith and belief will keep going..
Another 1 year of your life will be gone and a new year is coming, bringing new Happiness, new Trials, new Success but let's the Sorrows and the Failures of this year be a thing of the past.
With the same and rejuvenated faiths and beliefs, I too wishing all of you out there, a ver Prosperous and Happy New Year 2010.
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