Friday, July 29, 2005

Penatnyerr.. bukan penat sebab apa.. tapi penat tgk citer korea. Currently airing at 8TV is the latest korean drama (latest la jugak taun lepas) Full House lakonan Song He Gyo dan Bi/Rain. ni aku paste sinopsis dia kat bawah curtesy of
After coming back from a trip to China that her friends paid for, Han Ji Eun finds out that they did so only to sell her house while she was away. She returns and finds that the new owner of the house is none other than famous actor Lee Young Jae, whom she happened to meet on her trip. Circumstances bring Young Jae and Ji Eun into a marriage by contract, making them appear as a couple to the public. Under the terms of the contract, they will be married for 6 months while Ji Eun does all the housework. After 6 months, she will get the house back. Ji Eun finds herself falling for Young Jae, but he loves his childhood friend, Hae Won. Young Jae?s friend, Min Hyuk, also shows an interest in Ji Eun. Many interesting and amusing things happen to this ?couple? throughout their married life that bring them closer together, but will they really become a couple??
Citer ni memang menarik, funny.. first time tgk SHG berlakon citer klakor.. dulu masa tgk dia berlakon dalam Autumn In My Heart tu kurang minat la. Aku kan tak suka citer sedey. Tapi dalam citer ni memang klakr gila esp scenes dia ngan Bi ataupun dikenali jugak dengan nama Rain...
Kebestan citer ni memang tahap world la.. tapi semalam aku tak leh tengok coz right after our trip to FRIM, Me, Ronnie, Nora Unnie and Amy went to Ronnie's new place at Palm Spring @ Damansara. Nice Place.. The guy from the furniture store was suppose to be there at 7 but we waited until 8.30 still, haven't arrived.. so the 4 us had our dinner at Uptown and they send me home. By the time I arrived home it was already 11 pm. Tensen...!! Kena beli cd jugak nih nampaknya


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