Thursday, September 22, 2005


Apa kene mengena lak tajuk futsal ngan gambar nih?? Banyak connectionnyer.

10.09.2005, konon-kononnyer nak pegi main futsal la, after being pestered by Zilan and Aris, I finally agreed to go for futsal training at Galaxy Sports Complex, Ampang. So, went there after 5pm, (janji kul 5 ptg, biasal janji melayu) Kak Yati, Fiza, Sudeman, Monzar, Rizal, Zamri, Sharifuddin.. who else?? can't remember.. they were already there. But where the heck is Zilan and Aris?? Called Aris, he said he couldn't make it coz his in laws were at his house, called Zilan but could not reached him. After 6 pm, we left the place and headed to Ampang Point. We played bowling
there, me, Monzar, Kak Yati, Fiza and Nora. Hampess!!

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