Monday, October 03, 2005

Kuantan (01 - 02 October 2005)

Last weekend, me, Pinie and Anne went to Kuantan. Originally, we wanted to go on Friday Night but Anne's dad was a bit worried all the 3 of us 'anak dara' travelling at nigh to Kuantan. It's different travelling from KL to Kuantan at night compare to travelling to the northern region at night. One thing, the PLUS highway is way better than the Highway to Kuantan and it's not very dark with lots of cars and housing areas.

Anyway, we arrived in Cherating around 1pm. After resting for a while, we went out for our lunch. Mind you, we had our lunch at 4 pm at Kemaman, eating Sata, Otak-otak and also Keropok Lekor. We were quite hungry coz we had our breakfast around 8 am.. yummy, nasik lemak ayam at Wangsa Maju or is ist Melawati.. well.. nevermind that. After that, we went to Kuantan. The real reason I wanted to go to Kuantan is to visit Nad and her twin daughters. But she's not at home, went to a kenduri with her husband. We arrived at Cherating around 1pm. After resting for a while and watched TV, we decided to have our late lunch in Kemaman, we had Sata, Otak-Otak and Keropok Lekor. After that straight away to Kuantan and since Nad's and her husband went to Balok we lepak first at the Kopitiam.

Around 7.30pm, we headed to Nad'd house.. guess what??!! Sesat beb sampai ke Gambang.. siot tull.. We turned back and went to Tanjung Lumpur. We had our dinner at a small stall. I asked Anne is that the place where the BM brough them last time? sebab tak der orang pun. As soon as we parked our car, people started to arrived at the stall.. er.. okay.. i guessed it was the right place lah.. We orderd Udang/Ketam masak pedas, Ikan sebelah bakar dan sup sayur. Punya la banyak udang yg derang pilih dah la besar-besar. Anyway, we managed to finished everything. Memang buruk lantak betul la. memang la kitorang order tu tak banyak variety tapi bayangkan derang ambik udang tu sekilo. Tapi wa cakap lu, memang sedap gilos.. the best seafood ever!! yummy!! yummy!! Lepas tu terus jer balik tido.

We had our Brunch at the famous Hai Peng Kopitiam in Kemaman Town. The roads are very confusing, one way and a stupid traffic lights that causes jammed. Cess hampess!!. I had the roti bakar and kopi as well as nasik lemak. Itu pun sodap. If you go to Kemaman, do stop by at the kopitiam, it was a great place to have Kopi.. I gave 10 stars for the Kopi. Went to Kuala Kemaman and bought some keropok and after that we went to Nad's house. Guess what??!! We sesat again!!! Arghh!!! Tensen!! and still arrived at Gambang. The same place. I'm telling you guys, we were cursed!! I took the highway from Gambang and Exit at Kuantan and then to Nad's house. hehehehe.. Lamanya tak jumpa Nad. Her twins were sleeping and she woked them up. Hampes betul mak derang nih.. hehehehe jangan mare yer Nad!!.. Cute little kiddies, tapi memang sebijik muka Razali.. hehehe.. But we did not stopped long at her house. Around 4 pm we headed back to KL and arrived around 6.30pm. Not bad.. It was a bit jam not far from the Gombak toll.. Biasakla, bukak satu lane saja kan. pas tu siap ada accident lagi, motor dengan lori.. nauzubillah. mintaklah dijauhkan dari kitorang.

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