Sunday, August 24, 2008


Cukup sebulan aku pi Bandung baru le aku nak update. Wakakakaka!! Seperti biasa ada la yang dok komplen blog tak update. Hehehehe..

Ok la, kisah cita pi Bandung.

Jaja and I went to Jakarta on Thursday night, 24/7/2008. My flight was rescheduled to 11 PM, which means that I will arrive in Jakarta around 1 am. Cess.. Air Asia and their famous rescheduling. Anyway, I managed to retime my flight to 7 pm and ended up bored like hell at the Soekarno International Airport. There's literally nothing to do there! Even our LCCT is better. Anyway, I spent 2 1/2 hours loitering around the airport with nothing to do.

After Jaja arrived we met with Tamrin and went to Lenggo's house. The next day, wee spent about 1/2 day at Tanah Abang. Had a nice lunch at the food court. I had the nasi timbel. Went back to Lenggo's house. Anyway, we managed to go to HRC Jakarta.. Thanks to Nurin for bringging us there. He also brought us to eat the Nasi Udud, more or less like nasi lemak. Yummy!!!

We went to Bandung around 5.30am via van "Cipaganti". Bandung is quite a big town and we ended at the other side of town. Decided to take the "Angkot". The driver, a nice pak cik took us to our hotel, Utari Hotel at Dago Street. We went to pasar baru, bought some blouses and Telekung. Jaja bought the muslimah swimsuit. Very the cheapo! We have a great lunch at Pak Cik Met. By noon, we got out from Pasar Baru. My God! the area was transformed drastically. It was hectic, it was busy, it was bustling with cars, motorcycles, trishaw and a lot of people selling all kinds of trinkets and bags. The kept pestering us to buy from them. There's this one guy, who's very persistent, I almost snapped at him but luckily we managed to get a taxi which the driver over charged. Anything to get a way from that place. Went back to the hotel. Lepaking in our room and went to the factory ourlets around the Dago and Riau street. We were thinking of having our dinner at the Simpang Raya Restaurant but it was already close for the night. It was just around 9 pm.. I think. So Jaja and I ended up at the Pizza Hut just beside our hotel. Ooo.. I like their Pizza Hut, so many choices food compared to the Pizza Hut in Malaysia. Retired for the night.

The next day.. again we went to Pasar Baru in the morning after we had our breakfast of Nasi Goreng. We decided to take the Angkot in front of our hotel. We took note where the angkot stopped and on our way back we took the angkot at the same place where we got off in the morning. Jaja was having a stomach ache. Must be the pickle and the milk that she had in the morning. Anyway, we spent half of the afternoon in our room. I did left her for a few hours to buy perfumes and T-shirts at the factory outlets. It was a bit scary walking alone but what the heck.. blasah jer ler labu! went back to the hotel. Jaja was feeling a bit ok and we went to Rumah Mode at Setiabudi Street which actually at the other side of town. After some last minutes shopping, we took a taxi back but before that we ask the nice Pak Cik to drive us to Kartika Sari for some brownies. We ended eating at KFC for dinner this round..

We engaged the taxi driver to drive us to Bandung Super Mall. From there we took a bus to Jakarta. Jaja's flight has been retimed. I arrived back safely at home around 8pm with 2 big bags weighting to 22 kgs. The trip was okay, but since I'm not a shopaholics, so, there's nothing much for me to buy except for the cottons. Cheaper than in KL by half price. The lace also very cheap.


  1. so, how's jakarta?
    wish i have the chance to go there.

  2. hot, humid and polluted. But I had the best nasi udud there..

  3. ohhh..u didnt go to valley and kg daun ? Best tau tempat ni..tak shopping kain ?


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