Saturday, January 01, 2005

“Weii.. dah kul 9.30 pagi dah ni, terbungkang lagi.. bangunla weIi. tak mau pi melaka ka??” more or less that was what I said on a glorious Saturday morning around 9.30 a.m. me, still clad in towel yelling my heart out to those who were still sleeping. Come on.. we’re going to melaka.. hampess!!. Anyway, we started our journey around 10.30 a.m, but first had to make a stop at a gas station and luckily then, Pinie realised that we left the wedding present. Great!! So in actuality, we started around 11a.m. the 5 of us made a stop at Seremban R & R and I noticed this one hunk.. which I’m sure Kak Ma would love to have for a boyfriend.. hahahaha tall, muscular and not bad looking. Not really my taste but I can see form afar Kak Ma was grinning from ear to ear which I’m positively sure that she noticed that guy. Hampess!!

We arrived at Alor Gajah around 12.30 noon and went straight to Pang’s shop. I made 2 suits, 1 baju kurung, 1 pants and a skirt. It cost about RM270++. And then we arrived at Hasifah’s wedding around 2 o’clock and guess what, no food!! Arghh!! Anyway, the food finally available but a bit late and then there were no plates. Akak kan banyak hangin, mula dah rasa nak balik. After the wedding, we went to Air Kroh and we checked in at this one resort named Air Kroh D’Village Resort. The family chalet that we rented was ok, it got 2 rooms, 2 single bed, 1 double bed, 2 airconds, 1 bathroom with water heater, fridge and TV for RM180 including breakfast for 4 but we managed to get extra 1 breakfast because there were 5 of us.

After freshened up, we went to Melaka town, visit the A’Famosa and such and then we went to Mahkota Parade. Around 8 something we moved to Umbai. Like always, sesat lagi. The food’s not bad, we ordered Ikan Terubuk, Prawns (around RM55kg.. takder la order sampai 1 kilo), Crabs, Squids, Otak-otak Kempas, Nasi Lemak and it costs around RM70++. For me that’s quite cheap compared to all those seafood that we ate especially those big prawns and delicious crabs. Uhmm.. Yummy!!

Yang kelakarnyer time nak balik ada la budak pompuan ni kasik no phone kat aku, katanya ada orang suruh kasi.. hai!! Ada jugak ker orang nak berkenalan ngan kitorang ni.. rasanya tak der la senonoh sangat pun perangai mlm tu.. ambik jer la..

Yang tensennyer time on the way balik tu bila co-pilot and the gang terbungkang tido, aku yang drive ni pun ada la jugak rasa cam ngantuk.. tapi tak der la ngantuk gila2 Cuma boring jer tak der kawan nak nyembang, ye la masing-masing sedap buat taik mata.. hampes kelapa betul!!

Anyway, called mamat tu.. ghope-ghopenyer anak tokey kedai ikan bakar tu, dia tak caya yang aku ni dah nak masuk 28 tahun.. dia ingat aku ni dalam 24 taun gitu.. Yahoo!! Muda remaja lagi aku ni rupenyer. Hahaha.. tapi aku tak ingat la muka dia cemana.. kitorang target mamat baju hijau tapi dia cakap dia pakai baju hitam.. hmm.. ntah ler.

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