Monday, July 12, 2004


Saturday 10.07.2004, we had our Hi-Tea Cum Farewell to our CAE at the KL Tower Revolving Restaurant, quite a nice place. Oh and before that in the morning, we had our staff meeting, the first staff meeting for our CAE. When I first came inside the meeting room, I saw a guy standing by the notebook, I don't know, doing something la and I thought "who is that guy, he didin't look like one of us, maybe he's a technician" and then I looked at him again "oh my God!! The new CAE!!" hehehehehe, didn't look like CAE at all, so sempoi.. Maybe because he's young, only 40 years old.

Anyway, we had our Hi-Tea and things a bit kelam kabuat during the registration but everything's ok la. The food is average, not that good but the view was magnificent if it's not because of haze. Finished around 5.30, dropped Aneza and Neezar at the office and then dropped pak cik tu kat Ampang and arrived home around 7.00 p.m. Makk aii!! I was so tired that I cannot sleep that night. Nida was at my house and she was so irritating , maybe I was crancky, you know tired and all but I cannot help it la.. So what if I like listening to chinese song!!?? Is that a crime??


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