Friday, November 25, 2005

Love is Blind or are you stupid??

They said... Love Is Blind.. I guess to some extend it's true.. It must be so shining and blinding that made you overlook someone's fault. Your brain cannot comprehend the facts that the person got bad attitude or something...

Finally one of my best friend's going to get engaged this coming Sunday. He's a good guy but his girlfriend's a sourgrape. Huhmm.. I guess we'll be losing him to her. Why can't she be just a bit like Wawa. So what if she's didn't get into University. We're not looking down on her. If you lack of education it's okay, you could set it off by being nice... but no.. she need to be both.. lack of education and plain right rude. I guess I'm pissed off by what she said about Hanil's mother. Didn't she know how close he is with Hanil's family. Even nenek regards him as one of his grandson. It's not the first time that she made rude comments about people around him. Like what she said about Farah, me, wawa..

Things are changing and I don't think I like it. I'm losing friends one by one and at the office, people are moving out and about. This has really shaken me a bit. I like stability and security and this year has been full of changes and surprises. I hate this feeling.. like something's hanging above your head and you're not sure what it is or when it's gonna drop on you.

Well 2005 is almost over. What will be in store for me next year?? Is it good?? Is it bad?? I'm turning 29 next year. I need to make plans and also revised my list of things that I wanna do or to have.

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