Thursday, November 24, 2005


Just got back to office yesterday.. got lots of work to do.. my boss on leave the whole weak so cannot apply for leave.. but still can't take leave next week coz we got a few courses line up at Dataran Mayban, Bangsar.

My trip was superb... way beyond my expectation. It was great..

Bought the new SG Wannabe album titled Classic Odyssey. It's a collection of old songs from 1978 - 1993. All songs were given new life and it sounded superb. Heard a song by a group M to M. They sounded a lot like SG Wannabe. And I watched Kwon Sang Woo's new Samsung Anycall commercial with Hyori and Eric. Mak aii ganaz jer nampak mamat tuh.. ngan rambut dier cenggitu..

Watched also Anycall School Attack.. featuring Shinwa.. hensem lak si Eric tu.. walaupun dalam Super Rookie tu punyala bongok.

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