Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Artakusiad by Ahmad Patria Abdullah

Today, I spent RM100 for 8 books by Ahmad Patria Abdullah. Most probably u guys were wondering who the hell is this guy. Obviously he’s a writer. I read his books during my schooldays.. He is the only malay writer that I know of who had the courage to write a fantasy books. Which is something very rare for a Malay and his books are quite okay. Apparently I’m not the only one who likes his writing. There’s a bunch of guys who set up a website dedicated to his books http://www.artakus.net.

Saga Artakusiad

1. Permata Aurorius
2. Kota Arialun
3. Kembar Artakus
4. Petua Azkram
5. Puteri Alindalia
6. Pedang Aurora
7. Bunga Arianur
8. Legenda Numerius

His writing might be influenced by foreign writers but I salute his efforts to write in a genre rarely ventured by malay.. ya la kalau novel melayu jer.. asyik-asyik kisah cinta pastu mati accident la, tak pun mati sebab luekimia dan yang paling favourite kena brain tumor.. bosan betull..

Tak sabar nak tunggu derang post buku-buku tu.. all those books are copies from the original. Since, the books had ceased publication long time ago and Abang Pat.. which is what they called the author give permission for the mod to print the copy.


  1. Appreciate if you could tell me where to get them? I've lost my collection when I move to Amsterdam 8 years ago, and now when I returned to Malaysia, I try to look for it but couldn't find. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  2. I got it through this website http://www.artakus.net. not sure if the web still up or not. Please note that the books are not original publication, they just photocopy and bind them. Finally get to meet somebody who knows him.. hehehe. Still watch dragonball??

  3. Wow, ada lagi ke copy Bunga Arianur? Nak beli @ sewa boleh? Hu3


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