Monday, December 04, 2006


Hampehhhh!!!!! I spent the whole day today watching the 4th box of Inuyasha when I found out there's another box of 19 episodes missing. Arghhh!!! need to go and find that box. S**t!! Watching Inuyasha/anime is like reading a book, I just couldn't let go until it's finish. Huhmm... I guess I can go and find it at S & M since I'm going to go and alter the 2 pants that I just bought.

Petang tadi bukak blog Chibi @ Faraway (sila refer list kat sebelah). Tak jadik dia tutup blog tu (at the moment la). Chibi skang ni stay kat Quebec dengan hubby dier. Blog Chibi berkaitan dengan kehidupan seharian dia di Quebec. Tak tau la sebab apa dia nak close blog tu tapi maybe sebab dah ramai yang mintak Chibi supaya tak tutup blog tu soo... buat masa ni dia tak jadi ler tutup blog tu.

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