Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Worst Day of My Life!

Semalam tengah aku mengemas bilik, aku terjumpak satu buku.. biasa la aku ni dolu-dolu suka menconteng, so ada satu page tu macam kelakar jer bila aku baca.. It must have been the worst day of my life.. tapi sayangnyer tak der date.. tapi aku agak time aku mula masuk keja dulu laa.. around 2001 before the depression hit me. Maybe it was an indication, some kind of sign post for me of the big changes that I went through during that time. Looking back it makes me realise that I don't adapt well to changes and I took a long time to recover maybe that's why Im always crancky when things don't go as what I have planned. So.. don't make promises with me or I'll bite your head off..

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