Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ada apa dengan kawan.. versi poyo!!

Friends… sometimes you can’t live without them around you and sometimes you just can’t stand them being around. Kadang-kadang tu best ada kawan nih.. kadang - kadang tu pulak bosannya ler ada kawan nih. Macam – macam ragam, macam - macam perangai, macam-macam peel. Ada yang suka mengambik kesempatan, ada yang cuma ingat pada kita di masa susah, ada yang time nak menjual benda jer baru teringat kat kita, ada yang suka memerintah, ada yang kalau berjanji nak jumpa pukul 1, pukul 2 baru sampai, ada yang ceria sokmo-sokmo, ada yang terlalu outspoken, ada yang suka besembang. Ada apa dengan kawan?

I used to be sorrounded by friends and now when I looked back, I only got a handful of friends left. Whatever happened to the rest of them?? Thruthfully, I let them drifted away from my life, not because I wanted to but I’m just tired.. tired of being the only one who tried to stay in contact, tired of being the only one who’s there for them, tired of being taken for granted. Now, no more Miss Nice Girl. I will be good to you if only you’re good to me.

I know, it’s not easy being around me, I’m a very temperemantal person, ada angin pus-pus, but if I can accept a wimpy side of a person, why can’t they accept that in me??

Life is short.. I’ll live it the way I want it!!

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