Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Today is the last day i'm working before i start my Hari Raya holiday for 13 days. I will only be back on Wednesday 24.11.2004. Bestnyeeeee!! Tomorrow, Happy Deepavali to all Hindus out there and I'm going to Cerana Resturant for buaka puasa with Hanil, Wawa, Apeng, Mimi and Ayu. I have no idea where the restaurant is.
Oh ya.. this morning, Mary Loo, one of the real estate agent called me concerning an apartment. Make no mistake, bukan aku yang membeli apartment but my roommate Pinie but since she couldn't get hold of Pinie so she called me. It seems that they alreay obtained the consent for the title of the apartment. Well.. Finally after almost I don't know how many months, baru dapat title. Ini yg susah kalau beli apartment nih.
Anyway, as soon as she got the key, make some renovation, we will move in.. I said we because I will be moving in with her. I'll get my own room.. Kewll!!
Oklah, will got back to this later.. well if not after my holiday. I'm going back to my hometown this Friday!! Yeehaa!! Abahh.. tunggu!! Anakmu nak balik nih. Sedihnyer sebab ini adalah taun ke 12 aku beraya tanpa mak tersayang. Skang ni menumpang kasih kat mak tiri. mak.. balik ni jgn lupa buat sayur keladi yer.. abah jgn lupa ikan pari bakar cicah air asam.. hehehehe. Bestnyerrr!!

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