Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Can you believe this??!!

I got this email from a guy.. can you believe that he actualy wrote this as if he's the god sole creation to women. He thought that nice gals don't surf the net and that all that surf the net are ah lians and ahmois.. can you believe that??!! Well.. I think he's trying to be charming and witty but what I think is that he's being chauvenist and that as if we're desperate enough to get to know him.

Hmm.. saw your profile and I think you deserve a chance to get to know me. I think we could get along well. I\'ve included my profile. If you are interested (which I know you will be), drop me a line, and if you sound as interesting as your profile says I might
write back ;)

and this is what i wrote back to him.

I'm flaterred that you think I DESERVED to get to know you.. in fact right now i'm SWOON with delight when you said that i will DEFINITELY will be interested to get to know you. I'm sure that my profile is not as interesting as yours nor i'm smart enough to be consider worthy of your attention.

huhmm.. one thing that i don't understand is if you have those low thoughts about the gals on the net why bother to find one here.

Cheers 2006

if he miss my sarcastic remarks.. well.. he's not as smart as he think he is.

enough about that.

I sweated like hell in front of my house today.. I got back from the office around 6.00pm. As i rummaged through my bag.. no house keys!!! I thought that I left the keys at the office but when I checked again, it seemed that somehow my housekeys was actually stuck between the outer layer of the bank and the layer inside my bag. I have no idea how it got the.. apparently there's a tear in the pocket.. Bopoloh mak cikk ahh!!!

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