Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tensen Lagi!!!

Kak Mas has finally got her transfer letter to AMLA Unit, Operational Risk effective on 3rd February 2006 (My Birthday!!) Sedih!! Cause I'll be all alone. huhuhu.. :(

Hanil got a SMS from Apeng's fiance. Apparently she's a bit put out with us (that's a mild statement..) you know.. for always leaving her behind when we went out. The things is, I personally don't mind if she came along but from the past encounters.. (chewah.. mcam first encounters with the third kind plak) she'll surely spoilt our outing. I think Apeng told her that he's going to Emi's wedding in Kelantan this weekend that's why she send that SMS to Hanil.

It would not hurt her if she straightened up her attitude. Not to pout and sulk so much, greet or even just a smile at us when we meet and of course not to say bad things about people too much.

I admit that I'm a bit resentful of her cause she's stealing my best friend (same way I felt when Hanil married Wawa) but unlike Wawa who's friendly and warm, she went out the wrong way about us. She has to accept that we are Apeng's friends and his world does not revolved around her solely. Her attitude is not only towards the 3 of us but apparently universal to Apeng's college friends. She seemed with Apeng's childhood friends and colleagues. What's with us that she's not satisfied with??

Hahahaha.. I can't wait to see how things will turn out before and after our trip to Kelantan..

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