Sunday, March 12, 2006


Tired and sleepy. It's already 2.18 am and i just got back home. Biasakla kuar makan - makan ngan Hanil, Wawa and Apeng. Last Thursday was Apeng's birthday and we went out and celebrated his birthday lah ni kira-kiranya. We went to Kajang for some satay and then to Mid Valley for a game of bowling and ended with Nasi Lemak at Kampung Baru.

Had to treasure our outing with Apeng since I don't think he'll be going out with us after he got married this coming June. I don't think I need to explain why.. most of you knows about it already. Like Wawa said just now, to be with somebody that you lov, sometimes you need to make some sacrifice which Hanil said said Apeng's willing to sacrifice us, his friends just to be with her. Whatever..

*** Currently listening to "Ai to Yokubou no Hibi" by Southern All Stars, the theme song for "Ooku". Suka lagu dia.. teringat lagu Gaban lak.. ^_^

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