Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mak cik penat!!!

Penat siott.. s-3 hari ni bekerja kerass.. hehehehe.. bekerja keras kat opis, balik umah bekerja keras tengok CD My Lovely Kim Sam Soon.. wakakakaka.. best gak layan..

Petikan kata-kata Captain Jang from My Lovely Kim Sam Soon :

The reason why women did not meet good guys!!

1) Good men are ugly looking

2) Cute guys have lousy personality

3) Cute guys with good personalities are married

4) Cute guys with good personalities and single are poor

5) Cute, good personalities, singles & rich guys are not interested in us (so very true)

6) Cute, good personalities, single, rich & interested in us, those guys are players

7) Cute, good character, single, rich, interested in us and not players are gays

So, to all who think that he's good looking or cute, with good personalities, single, rich and not a player nor gay.. why don't you prove that you're not from the above categories by messaging me.. hahahahaha.. Adios.. wanna go to sleep

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