Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ada apa dengan minggu ni??!!

What's with this week?? My Xs called.. yup 2 of the them.. apa mimpi ntah mamat yang sorang tu call aku. Dah buang tebiat kot.. yang sorang lagi tu tak der la slalu tapi kadang-kadang tu ada gak tenggelam timbul. Tapi yang sorang ni makes me wondered, what does he up to?? Calling me after all these time.. Let's just say that I'm not very keen in hearing his voice and I really, really wish that he would never called me ever again..

Hehehehe.. makes you wonder eh.. what exactly happened between the two of us? Nobody really knows that he exist in my life and I certainly will not entertained you guys about all the juicy stories about me and him, just enough to say that I really regretted to ever knowing him and would never forget what he has done though I forgive him for causing me pain. Hahahaha.. hampess betul.. mintak-mintak la dia dah tak call aku.. suspender betul la mamat tu.


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