Saturday, May 13, 2006

LG Cyon Chocolate

Let's just say that this Hand Phone really rawks!!! Mind you guys, this hand phone is not for those who like symbian phones, EDGE or 3G's. But rather I really really really like the design. It looks sleek, smooth and classy with the black colour and the red lights for the buttons. It comes in 2 colours; black and white. Pinie like the white colour and me.. of course love the colour black. The only drawback is that it has no external memory slot and the internal memory is just 128MB (even though som stated that it comes with 512 MB. LG's going to release it in Asia (outside Korea) soon. Oh ya.. it's quite popular with over 400,000 units have been sold in Korea and it has captured the China market.

I think that one of the factor that made this hand phone really popular in korea is because of this... hehehehe.. He's one of the hottest korean actor after he acted in the drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon with Kim Sun Ah.

But.. I do like also Sony Ericsson too.. since the LG K 800 a.k. Cyon Chocolate (I Chocolate You) is not out in the market yet.. I guess, I'll stick to SE 800i.. I love the colour white and orange. I like the SE W810i (the colour black and orange) better but the price is to darn expensive!

SE W800i

SE W810i


  1. ckucin10:05 pm

    Sekali tgk memang kelas..hitam classic 2 kali pandang cam calculator laks....patah semangat nak sambar hp tu.. klu ericsson walkman orange tu.. fuhh terleleh air liur nak sambar..

  2. wakakaka... calculator ko... aku suka white chocolate.. bila nak masuk malaysia ni.. cf dah buat kat malaysia..


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