Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Menaruh Harapan/Pelamin Anganku Musnah??!!

Huhm.. tadi ada discussion sekejap dengan HOS (Head of Section) dan HOD (Head of Department) regarding our Job Description. The next financial year is just around the corner and we need to finalised our job description. Sebenarnyer, kalau diikutkan tak der la yang berubah sangat but under the new organisation structure, I had a new section head and also new head of department. The transition period was a bit difficult for me with the BNM thingy and the budgets not to mention that I need to report things to 4 different person.

Now I can breath a bit easier.. anyway back to the discussion between the 3 of us. Apparently my current job description is currently parked under BG51 whereas I’m only BG50. Jeng..jeng..jeng.. so aku apa lagi tanya la HOD aku tuh.. she said they’re doing something about it.. Haruskah aku menaruh harapan?? Tapi yang bestnyer, they want to push the job description under BG52.. tapi melampau la kalau melangkah sampai begitu skali.. we’ll see how it goes. Tapi aku tak nak la menaruh harapan kang jadik pelamin anganku musnah lak.. Rasanya Pinie bleh kot dapat promotion this round sebab dia pun under unit baru jadik penjaga kolam.. nanti dia kena jaga ramai anak-anak ikan.

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