Tuesday, October 19, 2004


bukannya sedih apa tapi selsema.. tension mak cikk gini.. Nad called yesterday, i was at home on MC and she told me it's confirmed by specialist that she's having twins!!! Congratulations but the doctor cannot determine the sex or whether it's identical or not. Too early to tell.. ahaks.. she's start seeing evrything in twos.. well i'm sure everything will be fine.. kan setiap rezeki anak itu dah ditentukan oleh Allah Yang Maha Kuasa.

my head hurts, me eyes watery, my nose's like leaking pipes and i had a terrible cough.. of all the time, bulan puasa pulak nak demam.. apapun dugaan. Tomorrow night nak pegi tengok showcase Anuar and Ziana Zain kat Angkasapuri.. hehehehe bestnyerr!!! Can't wait for tomorrow.. hari ni bukak puasa nak makan apa ya???!!
oppss.. almost 5.30 pm, nak bersiap dah nak balik nih, bestnyerrr!! nak landing.. ohh, malam ni kena iron baju 2 pasang for Tuesday.. allrise everybody.. adios amigos

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