Monday, October 11, 2004


I called my best friend Nadiah @ Nut just now.. hehehehe nutty nut. She's in Kuantan now with her husband and currently 4 months pregnant.. Congratulations!!! I'm really happy for her and wish her happines always. I missed her a lot. I missed our times together in Arau, in KL ( ala masa zaman muda2 dulu), our girls nite out.. well we share quite a memorable memories together. And truthfully Nut.. i don't know wether i've told you this before but i did resent your relationship with Zali. I resent him for taking you away from me.. (jangan pikir bukan2 yer). We used to spent a lot of time together and suddenly Zali came into the pictures and everything is about him. You couldn't go out with me because you're seeing him, and everytime i called to ask you out, you're on your way to meet him or to meet his brother and i resent that. Probably because i knew that you're serious about him and our time together as bachelors was getting shorter. Yer la sapa lagi la member aku yg suka masuk living quarters la, suka makan kat coffee bean ler.. dah tak der member yg share all those things with me.. tu yg tak best tu. hehehehe. But seeing you're happy with Zali and I'm happy too.. tapi tensen la hang slalu tanya aku pasai pak we.. tak dak pak wer la, ex pak wer ada la.. hahahahaha..

Hmm.. how time flies so very fast but i feel that i'm still caught up in the past. It feels like it was only yesterday that i adorned the green uniform (hehehehe katak pisang kat Arau), I still remember Abg Nik, Abg Nizam, Abg Zack, Chiko, Anak Jin.. the dinners, the bands, Gerai, BK, Padang Rempuh Halangan, Intan and Mizi, Nut and Chiko (hahaha couple glamer), emi and her hair, Zamri and his story in Gua Wang Burma. So many memories.

Well.. those things are memories that i would never forget..

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