Thursday, October 21, 2004

Zoom In Bersama.. Anuar & Ziana Zain

Finally, I went to see Zoom In Bersama.. Anuar & Ziana Zain at Angkasapuri yesterday.. The show started a bit late around 9.15p.m and by that time i was already sleepy and tired. Luckily we sat a few rows from the front and the view was good. He was soooo handsome last night, must be the dimples. And Ziana is so slim, slimmer than before she got married! Well her husband Armin was there too.. I met Hafiz and I saw Azmie sitting not far from Bob (Akademi Fantasia).

The show started with a medley with both Ziana and him sang a song from their album and the show kick off with him singing songs like Munkin, Januari (Originally by Glen), Semua Untuk Mu and a duet with Ziana Senja Nan Merah. Ziana sang songs like Lembah Asmara and a few songs from her last album and the show ended with both of them sang a medley from their album. Because the show was a recording both Ziana and him had to sing again and again if the shot was not satisfactory. One particular song, Januari, Anuar had to sing a few times i think almost 4 times. It was quite funny actually..
Oh well.. got to get back to work..

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