Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Catch a falling star, put it in your pocket and never let it go

Hmm.. apo nak di kato, tahap keboringan terasa begitu tinggi skali.. Ya Allah!! It’s happening again!! Arghh.. luckily I’ll be moving out soon!! I hope..

I stayed in Vista for 4 years that's when I first came to KL. I stayed with Ija and the rest of my housemates. I stayed there for almost 2 years when things started to go wrong. I mean, I don’t have any problems with my housemates, a friendly squabble tu biasakla, akak ni kan kekadang tu laser skeet. Our relationship with each other is okay, but their problem (love problem) started to scare me out.

1 of them got married in Narathiwat (Northern Thailand) as a second wife in January, in February, 1 girl got married but went missing a week after her wedding. Another 1 just found out that her boyfriend two timing her.. err, I think I should rephrase that.. 2 – 3 or 4 timing her.. you see what I meant!! Halloo.. is this a drama or what?? At that time I and Ija each of us are in a relationship.. guess what?? Everything turned out to be a tragedy. Sometimes I did think that our house’s being hexed.. hehehehehe.. both Ija and I broke up with our man, both girls divorced.. ngeri sangat dengar crita diorang tu.. I know it scared the hell out of me,

I moved out from the house but still living in the same area. Now, my current housemate are facing new problems, family squabble!! 1 got a huge fight with her husband (her husband is in Melaka), 1 got trapped between family squabble, don’t know which one to choose, to follow her mother or her stepfather.. (things are a bit more complicated than meets the eye, it is if it involved money and property!!) well.. I know I’m gonna have the same problem in the future!! Let’s not worry about it yet.. and another girl having a row with her parents because they did not approved of her relationship with her boyfriend..

You see!!! What kind of life am I living?? But it’s okay, I just have to be patient for a one or two more months, as soon as Pinie finalised averything with the bank over the apartment, we can move out.. Yahoo!! A new year, a new place, a new start..!! Hmmm!! That sounds lovely.

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