Monday, December 27, 2004

Yesterday, I went to my friend’s wedding in Jelebu, Negri Sembilan. Hanil arrived at around 9 am and while I was bz wearing my tudung in the toilet, I felt my body swayed and I thought that I must be washed with dizziness due to lack of sleep (I slept late that night and woke up early, it happen quite often). When I went into the living room, Ninie and Pine asked me whether I felt the tremor. Looks like I’m not the only one who felt it. I ushered them out of the apartment, fearing that things will turned out like the Highland Towers (my apartment is at 16th floor, so you can imagined la how worried I was yesterday). Later that day, I found out that it was due to an earthquake in Banda Aceh, Indonesia way up to 6 kilometres under the Indian Ocean seabed. The death toll were more than 11,000 in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives, Bangladesh and Malaysia and thousands more were missing. But the highest number of people died were not because of the earthquake but from the Tsunami (big tidal waves than reached up to 20 metres high resulted from the earthquake). It’s the 4th biggest earthquake in this century.

Enough about that, yesterday was a blast..!! the 4 of us, Hanil, Wawa, Apeng and me were in the same car, trailing behind us was Emi and her beau, Zaidi. We stopped for breakfast at around 10.30 at Nilai R & R and continue our journey to Jelebu. We arrived at the wedding around 12 pm and makan some more. Around 1 pm, the bride and groom (Nida and Auzaini) arrived and hahahaha, Kak Ma was the maid of honour. Control gila beb!! Then some more friends arrived but I don’t really know them. All of us then proceed to go to Rembau to visit Apeng’s relatives there. Makan some more. Makan nasi lagi, got back around 5.30 and stop by along the way to enjoy cendol and Hanil and Emi ate mee hailam. Kuat betul budak-budak ni kalau bab melantak. We really enjoyed ourselves, with the continous bantering between Wawa and Apeng.. as usual la Apeng was always clowning around and teasing everbody. It was a fun trip. Jammed on the Seremban highway untill after nilai. Arrived home around 8.45 pm


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