Thursday, December 23, 2004

I bought airplane tickets just now to Kuching, Sarawak on the 7th January 2005 and retuned on the 10th January 2005. I’ll be going there with my housemate Norma. Bestnyerr!! I always wanted to go there now it’s my chance. I don’t have to worry about accomodation since we’re gonna crash my roommate’s hotel room. This is one of the advantages of having a friend who’s an auditor. She’ll be going there on the 5th January 2005 with Gopi and Andy for almost 3 weeks. Kaya la pompuan tu.. pegi sana elaun sehari RM75 hengget so kira la kalau dah 3 minggu. Haii. Jeleaous jugak aku ngan minah tuh.. itu la dulu bila Encik Riduan ajak, aku tolak kan skang dah miskin.. hai.. tensen tul. Bukannya aku tanak kaya cam pompuan tu tapi bila memikirkan yang kekadang tu macam tak dak life jer, maleh ler aku. For your info, Pinie and I are in the same department just different section that’s why I know her team members.

Come to think of it, this January I’ll be broke like hell.. 1st January, I’ll be going to Melaka, 7th I’ll be going to Sarawak and 20th I’ll be going back to my kampung for Hari Raya Haji. Wow.. looks like this coming new year promise me a very exciting (hopefully) year.. I just hope that Nora will be able to come back to Menara. Then both of us will have loads of fun.

So till now, I got a trip to Melaka, Sarawak and Insya Allah to Korea. Have to find something exciting to do from March till September and also December. Why those months?? Simply because, on February I’ll be going back to my Kampung for Chinese New Year and I have no plans for the month of March untill September, October is the fasting month, November to Korea and on December?? Hmm got to find something to do for the December or I can just simply chill out and relax while waiting for the next year to unfold for me. Cool huh??

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