Monday, August 22, 2005

Friday evening, me, Kar Tchey (Ronnie), Kak Rap, Nurul, Pinie and Munie go to karaoke.. Girls nite out la katakan. Kak Rap wanted to practice for the dinner.. she's going to sing that nite. Well I was suppose to sing too.. tensen.. the girls opt for me to sing Pulangkan by Misha omar which is the soundtrack for the film "Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam". See la how.

Weekend baru ni bz la pulak aku. My nephew.. well not really my nephew but he's the son of my cousin, he went for a kenduri in Johor and switch his car with mine. So, I drive his kancil (mind you.. that was the first time I drove other than my car). Picked up Munie and the 4 of us, me, Mimie, Pinie and Munie went to Giant, Shah Alam. I called Emi and we meet up. Bought some electrical goods for the lucky draws, went out for dinner and then went lepaking at Emi's house in TTDI Jaya. Around 11 something, we went to Gazebo and have a drink over there and headed back home.

On Sunday, we were suppose to go to Cavenzi in Balakong but Nomi couldn't make it and I ended going to Ampang Point with Pinie. We were looking for Homelife Store but apparently it was closed. Pinie ended up buying the L shape sofa and the dining table at the Furniture Ampang. After that, we went to IKEA. I don't really understand why people go crazy about IKEA, I mean.. okla.. certain things are good.. can really save space and some are cute and nice but overall, I think better to buy somewhere else. If you said that the furnitures are durable, you can get at other places with almost half the price. For me what IKEA is selling is the brand and of course they're really good in marketing with superb display and layout.


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