Friday, August 19, 2005


Yesterday I became a rescuer. Hehehe.. rescuing damsel in distress. It was quite funny actually. I was lepaking in front of my TV..resting after i got back from work. Anyway.. Nomi called me just before 7pm.. and it was a distressed call. She was locked in her room and she's all alone at home cause her mom went for a course nad her dad is in Kelantan and her brother has moved out of the house. Luckily she brought her handbag into the room with her and she had reload her prepaid phone, if not.. I'm not sure for how long she will be trapped inside her room.

She tossed her keys outside the window and I went to her room and tried to open it from the outside. The door knob was broken.. after I called Nora and she advised me to get rid of the door knob. Hehehehe.. I used the 'lesung batu' from the kitchen to knoc the door knob and jeng jeng jeng.. the damsel was rescued at last. Hehehehe..

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