Monday, August 29, 2005


Aku tanak nyanyi!! It's not that I cannot sing but very the nervous. I never sing in front of so many people. Ngeri beb.

Anyway, we (the committee members) went to Bangsar around 11 am and started to decorated the place with balloons and ribbons. Actually, none of us really knew what to do.. hehehehe.. blasah jer la. Zilan was helping his fren setting up the karaoke set. Kar tchey was sticking the balloons and ribbons (takut belon pecah mak cik - mak cik nih), Ibrahim and Neezar were filling the balloons with air... everybody was BZ!! around 2 pm, everybody started to go back but I stayed until close to 4 pm with Zilan and we ended up having lunch around 4 pm. Went to Kak Ma's house and got dressed and went back to Bangsar around 6.45 pm.

We started a bit late around 8.30 pm. My boss, Mr. Loo was the MC for the dinner. Neezar was suppose to be his co MC but he was a bit late so Mr. Loo started alone. Opening speech by Mr. Gay and followed by Encik Hazimi, my big boss and the dinner started around 8.45 pm. After that, we have the karaoke sessions and also lucky draws. I sung second last and siott tul.. Ronnie and the gang turned me into a guinea pig - trying to somebody else's expression when they carried out the experiment. They get a few stalks of flowers and ask the big boss to give it to me. And he did on bended knee, gave me the flowers. Apa lagi riuh rendah kat dalam dewan tu. malu siott!! Boss lak terlebih sporting. But I don't think anybody managed to capture the scene coz nobody actually expect him to do that!! I've been teased like hell today in the office. Cess!!

It's a bit dissapointing coz many people did not turned up and we have to close down 5 tables. Most probably becoz of the venue. Ya la nak dinner kat hotel ajer. Tapi nak murah, sedap, senang dan grand. Apa kejadahnya semua ni?? But most auditors that came were quite surprise on the ambience of the restaurant. The old restaurant is a bit run down so they did not expect the banquet hall to be grand and hotellike. And some of them commented that the decorations were good... hehehe macam bagus jer. Diorang siap ingat pihak restaurant yang decorate. Cess tak patut betul. Yang tak tahan lagi tu, ada lak yang datang pakai jeans ngan T-shirt. Aku rasa macam nak pancung jer kepala sekor2. Tak paham bahasa ker tak tau baca?? Glampess!!

Pakaian malam tu tak der la glamer. Most of the guys opt for smart casual, slacks and shirts got a few adorned suits and the ladies varies from cheogsam to evening gown.. moderately glamour. Here's a peek of the dinner on the 27 August 2005.

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