Thursday, August 18, 2005

Burpp!!! Hehehehe...

This afternoon, the 9 of us, Me, Zilan, tai kar tchea (Ronnie), Lillian, Mr. Peter Tan, Karen, Kak Nalee, Mr. Gay and Mr. Wong went to Bangsar Seafood Village at One Bangsar for food testing. We're gonna have our Dinner on August 28. It's gonna be a chinese course dinner. we're gonna have the 4 platters, shark's fin and crab meat soup, almond chicken (it's a 2 side dish.. they have the boneless chicken and paste it with fish and almond, cod fish which is very delicious!!, prawns.. buttered prawn and sweet sour prawns, sea cucumber with beancurd, scallops, mushroom and broccoli, seafood fried rice and finished it with dessert, hot and cold cakes and i don;t really remember what they called it but it's iced with longan and sea coconut. Man!! those dished were really awesome especially the cod fish.. coming from me, it was really good cause I don't really like fish.


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