Saturday, April 01, 2006

Secret's Out!!

What the heck am I doing?? I'm tired.. last night couldn't sleep, I think because I drank Mimi's nescafe..not to mentioned the housekeeping or rather officekeeping that I done with Wai Yin. Sakit pinggang mak cik. These 2 weeks been a bit hectic.. With the new structure being finally implemented, and I found myself reporting to 4 heads.. At least at the moment.

Today, I can breath a bit easier.. I just finished the BNM follow up and still got one more paper to go... sigh..!! bawak balik jer belum tentu buat lagi.. hehehhe.. malas la sebab nak kena buat costing analysis. Boss's a bit unhappy.. ya la budget dah tinggal ciput.. standard laa. Oh yaa.. I changed my song again.. She Is from My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. I like the music and melody very much..

The secret's out already so I guess most probably I can post a few pics taken from my last trip to.. hmmm.. should I or shouldn't I stated here.. Anyway, Pini's like flabbergaste when I showed her the pic of me and kawan abb@abc and she thought that we did a superimposed of our pics or something..!! hahahaha..

Ya la.. when we went for the trip, abb@abc is the only person who knew about it.. It was a great experienced. Trip yang tak dirancang. We just went to see the MATTA Fair last September and ended up buying flight tickets. It was crazy but in a nice and sorta scary.. We went to a country which only a handful of people know how to speak english.. More or less like Japan but less expensive. It was autumn and the lowest temperature was -2 celcius. I need to sleep..

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