Sunday, April 30, 2006


Pening!! bukan sebab pikirkan mender tapi memang pening kepala.. Perut rasa tak sedap, kepala rasa pening. A fren of mind dropped by at my house today. She's getting sexier. Can't really comprehend that she's the same person who sat next to me during our primary school. She's one of my close fren. Loud mouth but kind hearted. Take a while for a person to get use to her loud mouth. We rarely see each other even though she lives in Sentul and I'm in Pandan Indah, but I did went to her house every Hari Raya since her house's not far from my mom's cemetary.

I was okay this morning. I cleaned up my room, changed my bedsheet, did my washing, rearranged my wardrobe, had my shower and after that I felt dizzy. I lie down but couldn't open my eyes, every time I opened my eyes, the room keep spinning. Maybe all those tiredness from my work and all those functions finally crept on me. We went out for lunch which I may say really sucked. Tak sedap lansung!! Went back took panadols and slept through the afternoon. I did promise that I'll tell you guys about the family day. I'll take a raincheck on that.


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