Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A letter to a friend!

Don't ask why I wrote this letter!!!

Dear friend,

How are you? I am fine but a little bit busy with my work. I know it has been a while since I last wrote a letter to you but as I mentioned earlier, I am a bit busy with my work and also with my classes. I was browsing through my old photos when suddenly I remembered that I have not shown you pictures from my last trip to Singapore.

Let me tell you all about the trip. I went to Johor Bahru with my friend right after office hour on Friday.. dated....We arrived in JB around 10 pm and checked in at Crystal Crowne Plaza Hotel where another 3 friends were waiting for us. The 5 of us will be going to Singapore the next morning. We chatted untill late at night catching up on old time.

The next morning, after breakfast, the five us headed towards the border.. After we have our passports checked by the custom officers, we took a bus which will take us across the strait of Tebrau to the island of Singapore. Unfortunately, one of us could not enter Singapore because his passport has alresy expired and the custom in Johor Bahru has overlooked the expiry date on his passport.

Anyway, the four us went to Orchard Road and spend our time browsing through the shops and theshopping complexes. We went to Hard Rock Cafe and I bought T shirts and souveniors. ..

Arghh.. malas la.. nak tulis surat nih.. ada yang nak kena blanja lebih dari Nando's nih.. wakakakaka...

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