Sunday, June 04, 2006

Memories and Sengseonim!!

I don't know what trigger this memory.. most probably because I watched Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy... the word Sengseonim or sensei or teacher remind me of person called che'egu or cikgu. Hahahaha.. I think I was in primary school and I can't remember if he is acually a teacher or not but my cousin called him cikgu and I called him Che'egu.

I remember those days when my late mom opened a small shop selling ice kacang. He used to come and have a drink there and I thought that he is the handsomest guy ever. He's fair and got this curly hair and I had a crushed on him.. hahahaha.. He would greet me or winked at me and sometimes he sat down and talked with me.. I remember, he is not a teacher, he's a supervisor with sugar factory.. and the guys called him cikgu because he teached them to play the sepaktakraw. He used to play sepaktakraw with my big bro near my house and frequently entered a tournament which sometimes being carried out there. I remember the excitement and the rush of adrenalin when watching a sepaktakraw games especially if the players were good. Until now I still wondered.. "Tak sakit ke sepak / tanduk bola raga yang keras tu??" I remember what my brother told my mom.. if ever my mon hit the ball with her head she could become barrren.. just my bro's way to explain how painfull it was to hit the ball with his head.. but still he would love to play it.. err during those days la.. time dia kurus.. hahaha.. now.. the only thing he can play is the Playstation... hahahaha.. kutuk abang aku.. dia bukan baca pun blog nih.

Anyway.. this guy.. Che'egu, one thing that I really dislike about him.. no he's not a smoker.. I don't hate smokers.. one thing that I don't really like about him is that he love giving advise or pep talk, or motivational or just simply advises.. not sermon.. mind you.. maybe this is one of the reasons why they called him cikgu.. I remember how I really started to squirmed on my seat whenever he started his 'sermon'. I really hated it when people started to give me unwanted advises. I remembered during school days, everytime the school organized a motivational talk.. I would sneak in my homework and while the girls were crying, I would be happily doing my homework and didn’t hear a single word from the speaker. What’s with the pep talk?? Ala.. insaf pun sehari jer.. pas tu buat balik perangai lama.. hahahaha.. cynical, isn’t it? But look at me, I turned out quite ok. not too bad. Not perfect but not too bad either.

I grew up in healthy environment with lots of experience and fond memories from breaking into the hostel kitchen during my school days or break out from the hostel for a bowl of mee ayam and almost bumped into the warden.. to singing with friends in a bus from Arau to Pahang, camping or lost at sea for 3 hours in Langkawi. I had great friends and great life even though I’m not beautiful or popular. I look like a geek..actually I am a geek during those days. With my glasses that my mom choose for me (you can imagine right??!!) but I'm cool just being me and I don't need anybody to run my life for me.

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  1. yes, u go girl, jadi diri sendiri, tak perlu ikut orang, orang bukan kita dan kita bukan cam orang itu atau ini, popular ke tidak, apa pun tak penting, yg penting kita suka dan gembira siapa kita... i add u too. thanks.


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