Tuesday, November 07, 2006


2 hari aku pi course. It was an interesting course about Banking and Financial Institution Act. The trainer is a lawyer and he was uhmm.. very different from otheer trainers that I have experience with. The way he presented the course makes you laugh all the way but at the same time you manage to gain knowledge about the subject matter. He likes to impersonate Mr. Bean ( I was told that last time he impersonated Phua Chu Kang). From the way that he present, he is very knowledgeable..

Anyway, pagi tadi, tengah aku dok seronok bergelak gumbira kat dalam course tu tiba-tiba aku mendapat satu sms. Terkujat sekejap aku membaca sms tu. It was nothing earth shattering about the message but rather the person who sent me the sms. I was a bit flustered that he sms me. Most probably because I saw him 2 days before Hari Raya, still, I was surprised that he contacted me. I can guess who gave him my number, non other than my brother and true enough he asked from my brother.

Back in the school days, I always like to see this one "Abang" lets call him N. I think he is cute (for me he still is) and I love his hair, chinese style... hehehehe.. and apparently he knew my brother. Ala.. you guys sure can guess that I had a crush on him (and so does other girls). And I think he knew it too but he always treated me politely.

I was a geek that time (still is but minus the glasses) with my big , thick glasses and I had a crush on one of the sweetest guy there. You know, some guys will shun away girls who are not good looking but not him. He treated me the same way he treated other girls and in a way I respect him for that. There's a few instances that I saw but him but being a geek I was bit shy and just ignored him or just looking at him through the corner of my eyes, but he surprised me by coming to greet me even though just to say hi or smile at me or just waving his hand. He is one of the person who gives me the confidence that I have now.

When I look back, I always enjoyed talking to him.. (duhh... of course!!) We use to talk on the phone whenever I came back home.. I love chatting but there's only a handful of guys that I can spent hours talking on the phone and he is one of them. But we lost contact but I didn't know that he did ask a few time about me from my brother. It was nice to be remembered. Don't get me wrong.. I don't have that kind of feeling for him anymore. It was a crush. Something normal. But he still is somebody special for me. By the way, he is married already with his childhood sweetheart. Enough about him.. I'm sleepy. Gud Night!!

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