Thursday, November 30, 2006

Whish list

Ok la... Penat tau nak pikir nak update blog.. hehehe

Skang ni aku ada sindrom malas nak update blog. Kekadang tu dah masuk dah blog tapi tetiba jer mood dah hilang.. cemana??

Jelesnyer aku ngan kengkawan aku yang nak pegi bercuti dalam bulan December ni. Ada yang nak pegi cruise ke Phuket ler ada jugak yang nak ke... ermm... biarlah rahsia... hehehe.. aku??? Nampaknya terpaksala aku dok kat umah bertemankan CD anime aku tu.. banyak lagi aku tak tengok. Ada Gundam Seed, Inuyasha (ep 1 - 72) lagi mender ntah dan bakal tiba nanti Ouran High School Host Club... Yehaaa!!! For those who know me.. aku ni kan memang suka tengok katun... Alangkah bestnya kalau ada CD Kyo Kara Maou or God (?) Save Our King!. It's so hillarious and interesting even though there's a tiny weeny bit of Shounen Ai in it.

Jaja is seriously thinking of buying an apartment in Penang (Semuanya gara-gara pegi tidor kat umah Nora ler tu). It reminded me soooo much of myself about 1 - 2 years ago. I was very close of buying an apartment called Sri Ampang just near to City Garden Condo, but I was so pissed off with the sales person that I cancelled it. The price is around RM160k - 1200++ sf.. which is very cheap considering the location.

There're a lot of factors that you neef to consider before you purchase a property but the most important things is of course "Money". You had to have 15% - 20% of the purchase price for the downpayment (around 5% - 10% depending on the financer) and the rest is for the documentations (stamp duty, lawyers fees, valuation reports, S&P etc). And after that, you gotta have money for the household items or any renovations that you wanted to do. Oh yaa.. before that.. you have to decide to buy a house or apartment/condo? New or second hand property? Maintenance fee?? Strata title? Enough about that.

Yesterday, I was looking for my list 'to do' items. Huhmm... there're still a lot of things that I didn't do. But I guess I had to stalled it untill 2008. Simply because, I need to ease my financial burdens first. I need to prioratised my 'to do' list and here it is:
  1. Buy a digital SLR Camera (RM3000-RM4000 - basic jer)
  2. Europe Trip (RM10000)
  3. Change my car ( I still love my Kambeng) (cannot decide on what car)
  4. Buy a property (Max RM250k)
  5. To learn 1 foreign language
  6. To learn 1 musical instrument

My "to do" list is just a simple whish list (not extreme or something mind blowing) but something that I really wanted to do but of course there're still a few smaller and less expensive whish list like
  1. To have a complete set of anime ; Inuyasha (dah dpt complete set + 4 movies), Kyo Kara Maou, Robotech/Macross (very hard to find but I saw the DVD @ RM299), Bleach, etc.
  2. To change the layout of my blog..
  3. To go on a 1 week holiday with Jaja and the gang (schedule in May 07 - from Kedah - KL - Terengganu (Island) - Kota Bharu - Terengganu (Kemaman & Cherating) - Kuantan - KL (just thinking about makes me really excited).
  4. To celebrate my coming 3 series... hahahaha (not BMW yeee) to go somewhere doing something (cannot decide laaa)
  5. Most probably to go to Bangkok (again) at end of the year (definitely after bonus.. depends..
  6. To upgrade (chewahh) my so called library with new books and also to upgrade my notebook and to buy new printer.
  7. To decorate my room.
  8. Another holiday for the whole family.
  9. I'll think about the rest later.

What are your whish lists?? Care to share with me??

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