Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ada Apa Dengan Hari Ini??!!

Pegi jumpa doctor hari ni.. panasnyer.. dah ler aku minum air tahap cipan punya banyak.. which is of course a good thing lah.. since it's been scorching hot these last few days.. but in my case, I drank a lot of water to fill my bladder so that the doctor can perform the scan on me..

Apa?? ingat orang pregnant saja ker boleh buat scan?? sampai jer kat klinik.. aku rasa macam dah tak tahan untuk menyeru panggilan alam. Duduk pun serba tak kena.. Aku rasa for sure orang kat klinik tu ingat aku memang sakit tahap cipan sampai tak senang duduk.. tapi yang sebenarnyer aku tak tahan nak shi shi.. hehehehe.. dah tak tahan sangat terpaksala aku ke ke bilik kecik blakang klinik tapi tak der la buang habis..

Masuk jumpa doktor and the doctor told me that she wanted to do the scan but my bladder must be filled with water la.. so she checked and of course it was full and she performed the scan.. Tak der apa pun.. everything seemed fine. Tak der growth or anything... semua saluran ok tak der yg tersekat or anything.. and the wall also no sign of thickening.. which explained why nothing happened.

Ooo.. today I wore baju kurung and everybody look at me oddly. Hehehe.. my fault.. It's been ages since I last wore baju kurung or kebaya..

My ex called me this afternoon.. I was just thinking about him a few days ago.. thinking of calling him but forgot about it.. uikss.. don't jump into conclusion yer.. we're friends first before going steady and now still friends. It took a while to adjust my thinking that he's not the one.. you see.. I wrote there to adjust my thinking and not to forget about him.. for nothing will make me forget about him. He's my first love.. we had fun together, we fight with each other, we share the same interests and of course my friends are his friends and his friends are mine too. He will alway be a friend, a friend that will always occupy a small special place inside my heart. Anyway, he's married now with 2 kids and keep pestering me on when I'm going to settle down.. cess.. I did asked him though if he ever regretted marrying at a young age. He said that there were times when he felt that way but having 2 boys makes it all worth it. I think I'll paste his picture. There bound to be one left in my posession somewhere.

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