Sunday, February 12, 2006


Terasa kemalasan yang teramat sangat weekend ni. Fuh best giler bila bleh berkubang kat dalam bilik nih. Nasib baik dapur ngan bilik air kat luar kalau tak for sure aku tak kuar langsung dari bilik.

Buat ke 2 kali aku tengok citer Howl's Moving Castle. Cerita oleh Hayao Miyazaki terbitan Ghibli Studios (Grave of Fireflies, Spirited Away) berdasarkan sebuah novel tulisan Diana Mynne Jones ini dicalonkan untuk Anugerah Oscar yg ke 78 pada bulan March ini untuk kategori Best Animated Feature Film. Miyazaki pernah memenangi anugerah Oscar dalam kategori yang sama pada tahun 2004 untuk filem Spirited Away.

Aku penah nampak trailer kat cinema dulu nampak macam menarik. So bila Basz kasik link untuk download citer ni tak tau la pulak rupanya citer yang memang aku nak tengok. Here's a bit about Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle

Patriotic feelings are running high. The Royal arms are heading towards the battlefront. Soldiers showered with flowers march through cheering crowds. From time to time, the moving castle of the Wizard Howl has been spotted in the barren Wasteland. Howl is rumoured to devour the hearts of beautiful young women.

In town, 18-year-old Sophie is walking, keeping apart from the crowd. Born and raised in the town lying at the edge of the Wasteland, she works at the hat shop of her deceased father. One day in town Sophie encounters the mysterious and dashing young Howl, who is trying to escape an unwanted pursuer. Suddenly the Witch of the Waste appears and, seeing Howl and Sophie together, appears uninvited to Sophie’s home later that evening and casts a spell on young Sophie, which turns her into a 90-year old woman overnight. Unable to stay in her town unless her curse is discovered, Sophie packs up and heads toward the desolate Wasteland, where she eventually slips into Howl’s Moving Castle...

Hiding her true identity, Sophie becomes Howl’s live-in cleaning lady, shaking his home and unusual house-mates up with a feisty young attitude that defies her aged looks. As the true power of Howl’s wizardry is revealed, and his relationship with Sophie deepens, our young grey heroine finds herself fighting to protect them both from a dangerous war of sorcery that threatens their world.

Nanti aku paste gambor dier.

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