Sunday, February 05, 2006


Last night I slept at 4 am. It's already 2 am and here I am still in front of my laptop. Browsing the net, downloading animes and blogging while listening to chinese songs. Somehow nowdays, I don't really like chatting on the net anymore.. too many perverts are on the loose in the net.

Just got back from outing with Hanil, Wawa, Apeng and my sis Mimi.. (tak der ker orang lain nak kuar ngan aku??!! hehehehe). We had dinner at Chops n Steaks at Kg Baru and as usual accompanied by series of giglings, laughing, bantering and occasional cynical and snide remarks. As usual also our target would be Apeng. Enough about that.. sakit hati lak bila pikir pasal Apeng and tut tut..

Went to Putrajaya in the middle of the night (dah tak der mender nak buat dah ler tu!!) and got back around 1 am. Nora called (the other Nora) and wanted to meet me but since I'm with the gang so most probably I'll meet her and Nomi tomorrow to collect my presents.. hahahaha.. Oh God I'm so tired..

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