Saturday, February 04, 2006


Went to One Utama yesterday.. bought the Guess watch and then I wanted to go to Shah Alam tapi asyik sesat jer so decided to go to Sunway Pyramid and then to Times Square. Balik jer dah kul 7 lebih. Around 10 pm went to Bangsar for dinner. Arrive at home about 11.30 pm. As I was chatting with Basz while watching Howl's Moving Castle (which is a great anime movie!!), Munnie called and went out with her and lepak at Naili's until the place closed at 2 am. Went back home and continue to watch HMC and slept around 4 am.

Called Apeng this morning and we're going out tonight, as usual, me, Hanil, Wawa and Apeng. I asked Apeng has he patched up with his fiance. So dissapointing.. there's a good chance that there will be wedding this coming June.. Hampess!!

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